Hi from Night Raven Arcade!


Night Raven Arcade is finally open!

Night Raven Arcade is the Official North American Representative of various well-known Chinese Arcade Manufactures, we specialize in manufactured full custom arcade sticks for PC, PS3, PS2 and Xbox 360.

High quality guaranteed! We work only with the most reputable manufacturers, we make sure you get the order the way you wanted, no swapped parts, no messy wiring, all low quality Chinese product myth will be broken.

You can choose between Sanwa/Semitsu brand parts or generic brand parts.
You can submit an artwork to be printed on your stick.
You can specify the number of buttons being put on the stick.
You can customize the layout of the buttons.
You can specify the console compatibility of the stick.

Intuitive Tracking System, we provide you with accurate and up-to-date tracking information.

Check out our Official Website for more info!

Sample Sticks:

C-Series High Contrast SF4 Logo Art C-Series Vewlix 8 button layout
C-Series High Definition Art Chun Li Custom 8 button layout
C-Series Fan Art Chun Li Custom 6 button Layout
C-Series Portrait Art E. Honda Hori 6 button Layout


A-series arcade sticks, visit our website for more info.





That C-Series…


HOT DAYUM that stick is sexay


Are you willing to sell “just” the Sticks/Buttons instead of the entire assembly? I’d be willing to buy parts since you’re in NorCal.


Sorry we don’t have parts for sale separately, only assembled units.

Thanks for your interest


I saw on your website that you are selling STJJYG sticks, so I got to ask: Why do the cheap sticks cost 130$ in your shop? You’re giving the prices in US Dollars right? Those sticks cost 160Yuan on the STJJYG page, but I know from a HK seller that the prices increased a bit. 160Yuan are like 24$ and I doubt fees and shipping (I guess you produce them in China and then ship them together in big batches to America) let the price rise for 106$. I know you want to make some money, dunno if you want to live from this, but this is just too much. I bet those cost less on Ebay with free shipping.


On that third picture, the white one with the SF4 logo in the middle, does it say analong on the button next to select? Is that supposed to be analog or what?


Ahahahah! I just noticed the Engrish :rofl:


lol. analong, nice catch.


Unfortunately it was submitted by the customer, manufacturer can’t do spell checks, live and learn I guess.


The quality of parts used are very different.


Updated with some pics of recent orders.

And I am willing to part with the evo sticks i have shown at EVO for a discount price, this is a 8-button full sanwa stick compatible with PS1, 2, 3 and can be used on a computer, similar sticks easily cost $200+, don’t miss out. Link