Hi guys im new here

Hi everyone, I used to play MK 9 a lot and I decided to pick UmvC3. Im pretty new on this site so if anyone have any tips about learning the game I’d really appreciate. Also is this game hard to pick up. Also I play with an Hitbox will it work right with this game ?

You play with a hitbox…? What?


Where’s…the stick? :eek:

Will it be good ?

I’ve never even seen one of those before. What game do you usually play that with?

Is a hitbox really effective in MK9? You’re just starting off so you may not be the best person to answer, but I’ve always wondered what the benefits in a game like MK9 would be.

For general HitBox questions/guides you can check out the series How to Hitbox, I’ve posted the first video below.

Hitbox is really effective in mk9 I think im going to use Jill will it be effective ?

Why is it effective though? I can see the hitbox being great for last second crossup blocks (not a thing in MK), perhaps super jump canceling easier (not a thing in MK), and maybe with plink dashing (not a thing in MK). Outside of that how is the HitBox helping you?

Also if you’re going to use Jill then good luck - I’ve yet to find anyone that can really use Jill to any great effect. She’s got a ton of a neat/fun/awesome tricks, but you end up having to spill 3 bars to do pitiful damage.

With the hitbox youre execution is a lot better. I main Skarlet in mk9 and she’s execution heavy. A lot of her stuff require precise timing so it really help at the end. Some move are also easier to do on the hitbox, mk9 is pad friendly but I find it much more fun on the hitbox so I hope UmvC will be too. Does this game have a hard learning curve ? Is Jill viable as a caracther or she’s not good at all ?

Jill is one of the hardest characters to use effectively, yes. She doesn’t have a lot going on with her, her supers aren’t very useful, the DHC glitch is gone so she’s even less useful now.

What makes her strange is from Vanilla>Ultimate, they nerfed the poop out of her - so there was some kind of technology they were afraid of us finding out. Low health, high execution requirements, low damage - she’s a hard character to find a place for.