Hi guys new to the forums

I’ve always been a street fighter fan and just picked up Capcom vs SNK 2. Awsome game with the different grooves. I know where have I been.

Now this may have been asked or mentioned beforee but I was wondering if they will ever make a 3? or if you could guide me to links that even mentioned a small incling of any chance. I know about the new SF HD version coming out but I just can’t fathom spending almost $400 or more on a new system just to play it.

Characters like Fei long, Dee- jay, and my favorite Gen make we wish that they would be represented in a whole new light. I loved SFA3 and I stopped there becasue SF3 and it’s incarnations are far to catered for the pros than Alpha 3 was.

Not a good start for you, I’m afraid.

Just to get this out the way since I know the sharks are circling.

SRK isn’t really newbie friendly. At all. It pays to look around and lurk for a while here to see how things work. FGD especially isn’t to friendly to random discussion posts like this one.

With that said I’ll answer your post.

1: No, there’s no chance of a CvS3 at this time, as Capcom of Japan just straight up won’t take the risk of making another fighting game without having the people that pretty much made SF what it is. Their last few new fighters as well as a handful of their recent ports haven’t sold too well either, so they’re playing safe. Capcom of USA has the rights to the SF license right now IIRC, but there’s still no clue of if there’s something brand new SF-wise in the future.

2: IMO your PS2 ain’t gonna live forever. But still, wait it out and see what other games you’d possibly want on the new system to justify it.

3: As for your personal preferences, I’ll just say they’re yours and leave it at that.

This topic will be closed because I know how some of these guys will react.