Hi guys where can i download mvc 3 dlc shadow pack for xbox 360?

i just cant find where it is pls help me out with this.
i tried searching, but nothing. :()

i found the shadow pack but im not sure where i can download jill valentine. pls help me with this

i got infracted for trolling!

this is a lie…

the shadow dlc and such are in the marketplace under game addons- games a-z - M - marvel vs capcom 3 - extras.
jill and shuma will be released on the 15th of march

oh alright :frowning: i missed it out then. thanks for the info…i guess i got to deal with it.

He was trolling.

You can get it here:

Moving to the XBLA forum…

thank you so much preppy. i just got back home, and saw ur link which made me really happy :slight_smile: i was frustrated the whole day, but u just made my day sir! thank you i so much appreciate :slight_smile:

Answered. Closed. Thanks Preppy.