Hi, i need an opinion about fightpads


hi, i play on xbox 360 but i don’t like the controller, i preffer the ps3’s controller, i wanna know if some of you have this kind of controller: http://www.pcel.com/MadCatz-728658015527-76659
are they good?
i’m not sure about the D-pad, to me, it looks very uncomfortable
the D-pad on this controller it feels like a joistick?

sorry for my english

thanks for the help


I have 2 problems with these controllers:

  • They tend to break down fast.
  • The d-pad has to be pushed rather far in order for it to register, making diagonals harder to hit than they should be. You can fix this by adding a few layers of tape to the underside of the d-pad though.

They’re OK otherwise, but I recommend getting a converter like the Xtokki PS2-to-360 instead.


Just get the Hori Pad EX2 Turbo.



Does anyone know how the PDP Afterglow PS3 pads are? I love my PS3 controller, but it just keeps randomly disconnecting for some reason, I am looking for a replacement.


The biggest complaint about the madcatz fightpad is that it’s d-pad is “floating” and feels weird.


thanks for answering, i’ll give it a chance c:


If you have access to a gaming store see if they have the PDP versus pad and try it out in the box, it uses microswitch buttons and a thumbstick. Its fairly good quality and i was a fan of how it felt. Its not for everyone though.


Fightpads are great


for their pcbs