Hi I would like to make an Avatar request

Hello, Could I please get an avatar of Iori and Kyo fighting together and/or an avatar of Yamizaki doing something crazy.
Thanks for the help.

pick it up, heh heh, top tier avie right hur


if only i had my PS7.0 back >_<

but check it for starters, newcomers to SRK, sport til a bvetter is made ^^

Lol thats pretty cool i’m going to put it as my avatar until Someone gets a new one.

Thanks a lot man.

And here it is pretty cool Can anyone get a Yamizaki one please.

I say keep the one you got now. It’s too cool!!!

Anyways if you want a yama as well I gave it try.

I know it’s a total rip off so sorry about that shenakuma,
but you can’t sit on good shit like that on your own.

Lol thats pretty cool 2 you should have drew a knife instead. It hard to tell if it is Yamizaki.

Heh… Your right. A knife would have been better.
What was I thinking trying to make that one look like
yama doing the snake arm blow.

I gave the Yama av another shot to make up for the last one.

right on

Wow thanks a lot thats really good. I’m trying to upload it to my computer but it won’t let me. Are you suppose to save it as a bmp. file.

Nope. It’s a gif file.

The Image is located here:

U can use this url to put it on in the user cp.

My guess is you need to clear your cache out then it will save properly.

Thanks a lot man it looks great. The people on the shoryuken message board are to nice I’m so glad i joined.