Hi, I'd like some help from some of you experts

You’re thinking of Zero 2 Alpha. It wasn’t called Alpha 2 Gold until it came to the Playstation in the SF Collection (this was also the game’s official U.S. debut).

No, not at all. Edited.

parrying came in from samurai showdown i. e. block an incoming attack at the last possible instant to deflect the opponent’s strike and stun him/her, enabling time for a counterattack.
Art of Fighting 1 had the super meter. its like the ex version of kof where you hold down buttons to get more meter

it might be just easier to look in wikipedia for most of the information

@Demon Dash: The EX games were from Arika, not Akira.

Guess your Avatar is mind-controlling you :bgrin:.

Just have a PIU or DDR in the same arcade and they’re set. As much as a joke as it sounds most of the kids in the arcades around here are actually very fit 'cause all the time they spend on the PIU machines.

Fatal1ty actually talked about working out to be able to keep up with his game a bit back in an interview, you should watch it and maybe point at that one.

About the questions, when I played seriously (no tourneys as there were none in my area) I played like 12-18 hours a week with a buch of like-minded people, spent like $50 month in refreshments, replacement controllers, new game pooling and some days quarters.