Hi I'm book who won TTT2 seam2013 Looking for sponsor

I’m book from Thailand who play TTT2 competitive

I won lastest major at singapore using my own money . I use about 700 SGD to complete in SEA major and price pool was only 200 SGD

I crush every player there not losing a single match

was lookIng for sponsor going to evo more info please contact me directly cathys__@hotmail.com

Proof or GTFO.

FB book nopparut here Is my proof u can add me and contact me direcly


Stream matches and reference the exact user name you have here and forum.

So far you’re worse off than the guy who made the thread “girl gamer: help me get to evo” since he was able to make enough within a couple pages.

Some advice, pictures and videos help.








This does not belong here.