Hi Im looking for a stick! know where i can purchase one?


Im looking for a ps2 Hori Real arcade pro stick. I have looked several place’s. I just cant find any. It’s like finding a needle in a hay stack. if anyone know’s where i can find one post some links of some trusting site’s it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for caring if ya post!


Its pretty hard to find HRAP2’s now since they’re discontinued. Go ask TheRealNeoGeo and see if he’s still selling any more of them. IMO its cheaper just to find a case, get a ps1 pad and buttons and wire one up yourself

did you check trading outlet?
they come up every now and then


Amazon.com: Hori Arcade Pro V 2 Fighting Stick Fight Joystick for Sony PS2 / PSOne Playstation: Video Games

10 seconds on amazon. Google is your friend.

Edit: Sorry, didn’t see that they were unavailable. Lame. Sorry.


yeah… hahah, sucks… I sold my stuff a LLOONNGG time ago… i regret it SO MUCH


no i haven’t heard of that? whats the trading outlet?


where could i find a empty case? i got a old anniversary stick… but that thing is way to clunky and huge!


You can slap a MC Cthlulu into a more modern HRAP.


haha, what? im sorry but i dont really keep up with all the latest stuff…


One option is to buy a Tekken 5 stick and modify it. If you have a drill, dremel or half round file, wire&solder and soldering iron, you can turn it into something as good as a HRAP 2 by installing sanwa parts.

$50 on ebay is a decent price, it also happens to come with tekken 5, they where sold together.

If you don’t like the button layout of a T5 you can change it.


Here is one for sale in the trading outlet:
I’m not certain it is still available, but it won’t hurt to send the seller a PM to check. Good luck! :angel:


I almost forgot about the one ibeatu is selling too:
Hope this helps…:wink:


The HRAP 2 NeoGeo is selling is the full-up Sanwa version, the HRAP 2 SA.

The first production run of these came out roughly 3 years ago, early 2008.

There’s been demand for a new run of the HRAP 2 SA because a lot of the fighting scene in Japan is still on the PS2 which has loads of collections of old fighting games like the Street Fighter Alpha series, Darkstalkers, and the major fighting games which were on the Neo Geo arcade system in the 1990s.

(Most of those game collections have been released in the States for our PS2. The major omission is the Darkstalkers Collection which is Japan-only release. Pre-90000 series PS2’s are easy to mod to play Japanese games, though.)

People have already asked The Real Neo Geo if he had spare HRAP 2 SA’s. He doesn’t… He put in Akihabarashop’s order for those weeks ago. The HRAP 2 SA’s are strictly allocated to stores by order number and the rest are only available through the Hori Store in Japan. I doubt they’re going to release any in the US through the US Hori Store but I could be wrong.

I think the main US focus for Hori right now is on the 360 and the PS3. PS2 is definitely headed on the way out with so few games being developed for it in the US.

Definitely check the Trading Forum… HRAP 2’s show up there frequently for sale. Don’t expect to get one for much less than $100. They’ve become something of collector’s items. Not as desirable as an HRAP 2 SA, but definitely wanted by people.

Another alternative to consider is the original HRAP series, ie HRAP 1. It’s also PS2-compatible… Not as well-liked by modders because of the “JLF/LS-56-01 only” mounting bracket. It’ll do in a jiff if you if you’re a Sanwa JLF fan, though!

P.S. – Think I read a few weeks ago that most, if not all, production HRAP 2’s have universal mounts in addition the Limited Edition HRAP 2 SA.