Hi, i'm new and i need some tips

Hi, i’m registered from a while, but didn’t ever have the time to start using the forum.

I’m an italian player and i play SSF4AE for the most ( played other stuff before but at the moment i dropped the other games) and looking forward to play some KOFXIII (as soon as i’ll get a console).

Yes, i do play on computer, where 2012 is just a mirage at the moment.

Some days ago i changed my mindset and succeeded to become totally focused on the game, instead of raging.

I’m having a lot of fun playing now the game (before it was just rage and misexecution) and i would like to start getting deeper in my character (dudley) to gain the most from him.

I would love also,not being an english mothertongue, to be corrected while posting on this forum, so don’t hesitate in doing it, i will only be thankful about it.

Now i’ll leave a couple of videos of some online ranked match i played in these days, just to give you an idea about which knowledge of the game i have and what i should improve.

The videos are recorded with an handcam, due to the fact that my pc is not powerful enough for any different captioning method.

I hope it’s not that bad : /




Anybody ?

Got also the final from the tournament held on saturday :



Hm, aside from a few dropped combos and some curious punishes[if you can throw you can c.lp right?] there’s nothing really wrong here. I guess you almost never reversal which is stable, but maybe you should make them respect it a bit more. You seemed a bit lost when the cody switched to a knife game, but that’s match up specific as opposed to general knowledge. Even that you stopped him in the last few matches. You’re definitely no scrub, maybe you should take this to the dudley forum to get more in depth?

Well yeah, I was completely lost there, i know this matchup quite good, but didn’t experience fighting a knifed cody.

For the rest, yeah sometimes i rely too much on positioning and option selects (that’s why the throws, i tend to have easier setups for them after a throw).

I want to get in depth in that section, but i was considering opening a thread for my personal doubts, is that allowed ?

I dunno. All I’m saying is that you’re at a level that’s a bit beyond the scope of this subsection of the forum and that you would be better served by players of the character. There’s a critique thread and such in the dudley forum that you might also wanna try. shrug

Ok, gonna move there then, thanks a lot : P

You can punish all blocked criminal uppers with hp uppercut from medium range. You can also always s.hk if it’s in range. s.hp works too if you’re farther out.

Don’t do 2 jabs after overhead, do 1 or none. I’ve won games with Dudley that I wouldn’t have otherwise because i got a walk up overhead to s.hk xx ex mgb - I was too far to combo jab to s.hk. For a 1 frame it’s not that hard if you plink and practice it.

Duck upper and duck straight are both unsafe on block without FADC. I would suggest not doing random duck upper. Random duck straight at max range is kinda safe and useful as a poke. cr.mp, s.hp, f.mp, and s.hk are all useful pokes. s.hk is an amazing whiff punish against many pokes since you can buffer EX MGB and get a combo.

You can jump over Cody’s rocks on reaction at close/mid range - assuming he doesn’t fake it.

You need to learn how to bulldog better. f.hp, f.mk, f.mp, and s.hk are all useful for closing the gap. cr.mk obviously is a good whiff punish.

Get used to punishing with s.hk xx EX MGB. It’s your most versatile punish.

You don’t throw hardly at all - it can be free damage if they’re not teching. You also don’t use f.mk and s.hk xx duck to frame trap - it leads to a combo on counterhit.

After EX jet upper fadc do cr.hk or duck straight.