Hi, I'm new to everything!


Ah, hello, I’m Mikona, and I’m new to fighting series like this! I play casually and for fun, but I’m not sure myself where to start when it comes to the fighting genre, such as combos or characters, or training. So, I heard Shoryuken is a good site for this, and I registered. I currently only have UMVC3 (I seem to be alright with Amaterasu so far), but that’s because I want to get good at one game before starting on another, such as Street Fighter or Persona. Thank you for your time in reading this, and help would be appreciated immensely!


Well If you’re waiting to get good at one before starting another, AND you’re green as grass, expect to be waiting quite a few months at the very least. Though I think you should play two, but only concentrate really hard on one. It might help speed up your familiarization with fighting games in general, and the fact that they don’t all work the same. For instance, Marvel will show you a much more offensive and fast paced side of fighting games. While street fighter, will show you a more methodical and fundamental based side IMO. You gotta know your frame data and every nook, cranny, and possibility of your characters playstyle to really exceed.

As for combos, I’d normally tell you to hit up the character sub-forums, but the new format switch completely fucked up our custom smileys for fighting game symbols so all the combo threads are currently in a state of disrepair. Though it wouldn’t hurt to check them out anyway and see if you can’t find a helpful video or two.
Marvel is also fairly reliant on team synergy. Meaning that the characters on your team complement each others fighting style and/or cover their flaws. This can be via assists and DHC’s (Delayed Hyper Combos). For instance in my team, Felicia doesn’t have a projectile(I don’t count sand splash). So I can cover that weakness by using Doctor Doom’s plasma beam assist.

Though to be honest you don’t give us much to work with here. All you told us is that you play Ammy in Marvel, and hinted that you might pick up a SF game or Persona. I just felt like throwing you a little knowledge despite it being minimal :stuck_out_tongue:


The Marvel 3 forums have character subforums for each character where people discuss and post combos, matchup knowledge, and so on.