Hi-Level DOAX Players?

I only played the game a little, but it seems that the game could be played on a competitive level. Has anyone gotten really good at it?

They will pop their heads up when DOAX2 hits xbox360 LIVE.


One of my friends here plays the game competitively and I used to rank on him for it cuz I thought the game was plain scrubby. But if he takes it that seriously there probably is some depth to it that I don’t try to see. Anyway he has 2 gamertags: warningmr b and wtfnomarvel. I bet he takes yall for free :clap:

He can try, but since there is no VS mode on DOAX, he isn’t going to get very far.

DOAX? Um…DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball? I’ve never seen the X on a shortening of Dead Or Alive. Which game is this?

I do believe it is Xtreme volleyball. Anyways, I’m not sure how you get competitve play, since like christie + kasumi or christie + lei fang or christie + any good defender seems to absolutely own. A few friends and myself put a couple hours into this game and seem to have discovered everything. If you know how to place your characters, kasumi will save just about everything, and christie can go offence, if kasumi can’t do the save, christie is bound to have it. We gave up after we spents 45 minutes on a single match trying to find holes in the defence. The only times we ever scored was when we when the opponent made a mistake. Of course I’ve only put a couple hours in the game so hopefully I’m wrong, but shit 10 minute long points is retarded.

Bouncing titties are very high level IMO

The game is broken. But who cares, it was basically a fansevice game (and somewhat of a dating sim) with amazing graphics engine.