Hi, my name is Jimmy McScrub

"Oh hey bro, I think I saw you online last night. You played a pretty good game bro, but you just can’t beat my Tekkaman Blade/Ryu team. Top-tier team bro, top-tier. What, you think it doesn’t take skill to do those 30+ hit non-air combos? Look, it’s not my fault that Tekkaman Blade can start a two-special combo into super on you with just the push of a button from virtually anywhere on the screen. It took me a long time to learn those moves bro! Seriously! You did almost beat me one round, but that’s just because i’m not as good as Ryu as I would be with Ken. (He’s my main on SFIV, maybe you’ve seen me on Xbox Live eh?) But he’s the next best thing, right?

Wait i’ve got to go, my mom’s telling me to go take a shower, and i’ve gotta get out before Naruto comes back on the CN. Cool talking to you bro!"

So if I read that right, he thinks it’s impressive he can do a 30+ hit combo with Blade when he uses Crash Intrude? Doesn’t that move by itself do 24 hits?

Can I have his e-mail? I want to make fun of him for watching Naruto…

I think it’s just a generalization of how idiots tend to act sometimes, TaurusOxford.

I would have immediately thought that as well, but I was an active member of GameTrailers’ forum for two years. I’ve seen worse…

Let the crying begin!

Oh, hey. Nice thread you got here. Pretty uh, funny stuff huh? Complaining about scrubs that use easy moves online, that’s a good one. Why don’t you try maybe blocking in the right direction next time someone tries to use the teleport blade dash thing on you, pro tip: it’s gonna be the other direction from where you where blocking before.

Man, your really salty. But honestly, with how laggy the online play is, I probably could not do a much better combo with tekkaman blade. Not that I’ll ever try :razzy:

With online lag, Tekkaman Blade’s YoYo is unblockable and not punishable haha.

Even worse, when your opponent is using the Wiimote, all he has to do is press B three times and bam, there goes half of your health.

Didn’t CvS2EO have an option to block people who use easy controls? Why is that missing in this game? You can’t tell me that didn’t get brought up in a meeting.

Yeah that wii mote shit is just wrong. I understand that they had to add a wii mote option so that the game would be playable for people that do not have a CC, GC, or Stick. But I should be able to avoid theese idiots when I play online.

I hate Tekkaman Blade, and I hate hating him. He doesn’t deserve it.

Only thing I absolutely hate about people using the Wiimote is Zero spammers in a laggy match going

There’s a reason why God created charge motions -_____-


The Wiimote scheme probably explains why I keep seeing random supers every now and then.

Tekkaman Blade’s being especially annoying in an online environment.

Also jab lock is godlike online too, especially characters who have really good pokes like Ryu.

Falchion Falchion Falchion Falchion Crash Intrude oh god why can’t I block this