Hi new to fighters just need some pointers?

Hi I am new to fighters I mostly play on ps3 and also sometimes on xbox, I play causally and i am the best out of my friends. The games I have are KOFXII, SSF4AE, MK9, UMVC3 and soon SF X T. I keep getting beaten quite badly online, If I do win It’s only if i fight someone the same level as me or if some one higher then me by complete luck. Is there anything i can do to up my game? I enjoy these types of games, just seem that everyone is at a high level I get my ass handed to me lol.

you will only get better with experience, so play more.

Watch clips on youtube, learn tactics, playstyles etc. and never rage quit, there’s always something to learn from every loss :tup:

yeah good idea. I never rage quit I can’t stand that. I currently playing UMVC3 my team consists of Ryu, Strider and Iron Fist. I can pull a few wins but I dont use the right assists and also should i use wesker or dante? I dont like to use the characters that everyone seems to use online, because i feel it make the match ups boring. I also ordered the bradys guide for SF x T to help.

Wesker is good with his OTG attack/assist, but if you plan to use dante you will need to practice alot to get his combos down. IMO i think your team you are currently running might have some trouble getting in, with the exception of strider. Also dont be scared to use characters everyone uses, it all matters if you can use them efficiently with your team.

  1. Know what properties all moves have. Really important when it comes to invincibilty.
  2. A solid AA-game could win you matches
  3. Learn how to set up your mix-up game and try to learn how the opponent is going to try to set up his mix-ups (or avoid your set ups)
  4. Try to read the opponents moves. Look for moves or patterns that pop up regularly

Read the stickies, they will help. Basic Video Tutorial/Guide for Total Beginners for SSF4

The majority of people who play fighting games play competitively or at the skill level where they can. Don’t worry about being beaten, I still remember the first time I won my first online match in street fighter. I jumped up and cheered out loud.

That’s all there is to it besides memorizing every move your character has and understanding the game is for you to deal damage either low or above.

What order do you have them in? Iron Fist shouldn’t ever be an anchor (last character in a team). I’d have Ryu as anchor and either Strider on point with Iron Fist Dragon Fang assist, or vice versa with Strider divekick assist. In both cases, you would want to start a heavy rushdown oriented game. Both characters can build meter really well. Strider’s damage output isn’t the greatest, so you will need to focus primarily on his mixups and resets to finish a character (oroboros when you need a comeback).

Now Iron Fist is the opposite. His damage output is AMAZING with one bar, and can touch of death or near TOD with 2. His problem is that his lows aren’t as fast as his mids, and his movements are confined to ground dashes and a wall jump. For this reason, you must play him patiently. Block and wait to punish a mistake from the opponent, but keep using standing:m: and cr. :l: hit confirms > safe blockstring to keep them on their toes. Having Ryu’s tatsu assist would also be ideal to keep the opponent blocking while you chase them down.

I see, thanks you guys all of your info has helped. I always used Iron Fist as my anchor. I have to change that, I played SSF4AE earlier and just decided to have fun so i used random select for my choices and I was surprised, how much i knew I had 1 win out of the 6 games i played tho. I think you need to enjoy it but i need to understand the match ups more. I noticed that I faced Juri or Akuma alot. Also I noticed that Hulk has quite alot of super Armour and can do some big damage just with his normal combos into his super. Should I use Hulk and wesker also I know she is weak what about phoenix and use her transformation revive as a game plan?

Hey guys I just got Street fighter x tekken and i was wondering is there any characters i should use? I using jin and law and the moment but i cant seem to get passed ryu??? also the gems are annoying one guy online was dealing serious damage? for like over 20 secs I tried finding this gem on my screen not there are these new? can anyone help me either pick a new team cause I don’t wish to be ryu and ken but I do want to win lol

Don’t focus on gems, just play as if you never had them. Then once you stop worrying about them add ones that fit your style. Also theirs nothing wrong with ryu/ken. Pick who your comfortable with. Ryu is a solid character and great to learn basics with.