Hi New to The Forums

Hi I’m new to the forums & would just like to say hello to everyone.

Also I would like help with a couple of questions if possible?

1.) I’m looking to put down my Control Pad & invest in an arcade stick.
Ive read in the SRK FAQ about the different types of ‘gate’ a controller comes with.
My question is, what type of gate does the controller (the Hori one) have in this video?
This is the stick I want to avoid as it has a sort of restriction (the clicking noise) to it when you’re moving in a 360° motion

2.) Can anybody help with my other question please?
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Since Hori makes japanese sticks it most likely is a square gate. All sticks have the clicking noise, it indicates that u have inputted a direction.

Yea, pretty much all stick come with a sqaure gate installed. Octo-gates are an after market part, for people that prefer them. I’d suggest playing with the square gate. It’s what most people use, so you’re not disadvantaged when having to borrow a stick.

As Meech said, almost all joysticks make that clicking noise. The sound is the switch being depressed.

I’d recommend you steer clear of that stick for other reasons, though. Those are really on the low end. Very light and don’t include sanwa parts. If you’re on a budget, try and buy used, but look for Hori Real Arcade Pro or Madcatz Tournament Edition. They’re more expensive, but they don’t require you to modify the stick later on down the road. With the FS3 or Madcatz standard edition, you’ll have to change out the parts, as they don’t last very long and are low quality. Seeing as how the parts will cost you 50 bucks…after you do that, you’re basically at the same price of the higher end sticks.

Hi, I’m new; had this account and have lurked srk forever, but now I want to use the trading thread and need 50 posts.

Get a TE stick-- everybody swears by them and they’re quite high quality.

I used to think that the square gate would be an issue for me (US arcades have an octagonal gate in general, I think), but the adjustment didn’t take long.

TE sticks are expensive and what if he doesn’t like the feel of a stick? He just blew $150.

If you don’t mind the quality, start out with the T6 wireless Hori stick or the Madcatz SE. I started out with the T6 stick and played with it for almost a good year until i decided i wanted the TE stick.

Or you can get a pad.

Ebay/trading thread/craigslist are all good options in that event.

Do cheaper sticks work as well as a TE but wear out quicker? Or are they less precise?

First off welcome to SRK. And yeah as the above posters said most likely that is a square gate. If you want quality get a TE stick, It;s the one i have and it has never failed me (I’ve had it since 2009).

Japanese sticks pretty much all come with square gate. The ‘click’ you hear is the noise the switch makes when it activates.

Just buy a TE or a Hori V3SA. If you don’t like it, flip it here or craigslist or ebay or whatever for $100.

It’s square gate. The click has nothing to do with the gate, it’s the microswitches. All currently manufactured Japanese sticks click.

You want emulator cheat codes. Try googling for them.

iirc all come with square gate, except korean ones they use circle

Thanks to everyone for their comments