Hi newcomer to GG series here

hello all, i just watched some video clips of guilty gear x just now and am very interested in this series. but my question is which guilty gear should i start out with for the ps2 since its all i have. guilty gear x, xx, isuka or reload? im assuming the reload is only for xbox. thx with any future feedback. which is preferably the best in the series so that i can go order the game now. thx everyone bye.

the latest for the consoles is #Reload

but Slash is coming out in japan soon on consoles, so #R’s already outdated
for more info check out

You’re gonna have to mod your PS2 to play Slash though.

hi i only have a usa ps2 slim and not planning to modify anything. for the us only ps2 which one is the best guilty gear. thx again and sorry for not putting this earlier

You don’t have to mod your PS2, you just have to get a slide card. It is a RELIABLE way of playing most imported/burned software.

Gonna have a tuff time getting into the GG series without a modded PS2.
And seeing as how xbox has been discounted (the system that had the only american release with #R), well… its not gonna be easy to get by.

Modding a slim ps2 is very, very easy tho.
All you really need is Swap Magic and do the “tape trick”, which is very hard to do at all.

Once you do that, you can play perty much any game.

cool where can i read bout playing japanese games on a usa slim ps2. and i dont think my question has been answered yet? for us released which guilty gear should i start out with as their pretty cheap under 20 dollars. ggx1 ggx2 or ggx isuka? i want to get one of these but dont know which ahs the best gameplay and balances

GGX2 is probably the closest to the gameplay that you’ll probably want to get if you’re trying to compete, although you’d really have to get Slash once that’s out to take it seriously.

GGX is pretty dated, and no one takes Isuka seriously.

thx alot kenmasters, ill jsut pick up ggx2 at my local ebgames since they have it for 19 bucks brand new. ill try to play this until hopefully ggx slash has a us release date. i just found out you can 1 vs 1 in isuka but it doesnt change the gameplay with the r1 button system still intact. so ggx2 is my best bet i guess

I say just grab GGX2 for 20 bucks, I wouldnt worry too much about #Reload or Slash, the gameplay is exactly the same, minus a few balance tweaks and extra characters, you won’t even notice the balance changes made unless you’ve played X2, #Reload and Slash very religiously. But since your new to the series, ya may as well start off with the easiest and most widely available choice.

Although, if you wanna be a bastard, you could just download Guilty Gear XX#Reload for PC, it plays very well with its minimal requirements, despite some claims that the sound quality of the game is a bit off, I’ve got no complaints and I own #Reload on the Xbox as well. Most USA players that are into GG will most likely still be playing #Reload anyways, since Slash is still pretty new in Japan.

Slash will probably get a USA release on the Xbox (or maybe be offered as a downloadable patch as some people I know have speculated), I don’t foresee Sony allowing a release of a game in the USA that is just an update to a game they had released on the PS2 three years ago. Although I wouldnt count a PC release for Slash out, seeing GG has been a pretty popular PC port lately, making it even more easier to get your hands on.

Although, I’d rather wait til the next true sequel in the GG series is released, not that I just don’t love the Capcom-Style “upgrades”. I can hardly wait for Guilty Gear XX #Reload Slash Isuka Heaven or Hell Judgement Dust Strikers Duel a few years down the road when Atomswave lasts about as long as the Neo-Geo Hardware, which is like, a pretty damn long time. XD

Oh yeah, before I forget, keep in mind that only the Xbox version of GGXX#Reload (And Isuka) have online play. Even the PC version lacks this feature sadly.

thank you hokage, the game freak that i am i already bought ggx2 this morning and im in practice mode trying to get some combos goin :). ive read that the ps2 versions has no online play but it doesnt matter much. in my area in california their are alot of house tournies and friends that love fighting games. now that i have ggx2 they better make more and more!!! btw i love johnny and anji!!! sick moves!!

Actually, the gameplay can change a fair bit. Dust loop for example in R to /, or even Bite loop (I’m not sure if Slayer had it in X2).

Not only did Slayer have the bite loop in XX, I think it was much better than it was in #R (I think in XX you could do bite loop, Instant Kill).

#R is so different that it literally adds a new top tier character, and all heck knows what Slash did. Don’t try to learn on XX. Import Slash.

Yeah, it’s better in XX…I think it had less pushback or something retarded like that.

But yeah, just get a Swap Magic and whatever else for your PS2, and get #R for the time being. It’s better than nothing, for sure.

I don’t think a change in dust loop or whatever accounts for that great of a gameplay change, unlike adding a turn-around button. But oh well, he already bought XX, which is good enough on it’s own if that’s what he’s gonna play with his friends.

It’s not like playing #R or Slash later on is gonna make any massive big time impact gameplay changes ethier. It’s no different than jumping from Street Fighter II to Super Street Fighter II or jumping around some of the KOF games if ya ask me. Ya know how it is, play enough of the previous games, when the next game lands, your more than prepared for it and its easy to adapt to.

the addition of burst from X to XX was pretty huge if you ask me.

Well, bottom line is if ur gonna take this to a serious/tournament level… get #R.

so where can i buy gg slash since i just bought xx i might as well want to own both. and what is the mod i ened to play imports for the new ps2 slim?

i love guilty gear xx wtf lol im having a dam blast now i want all gg games lol. the game looks fuking pretty and i love the controls i still need to get used to all these cancels and such roman cancel and all.

XX/ isn’t out yet, won’t be until spring sometime. #R’s been out for quite some time, you probably can find it at import shops or sites like play-asia.com. There are a few ways to mod your system depending on the model you have, look around the internet. Please use your money to buy some capital letters and punctuation.