Hi! noob that wants to know more about the SF community especially online

Hi! like the title suggests I would like know a little more on the SF community as thanks to online I can play SF again. I don’t know the scene online or offline, but from what I have seen from SF2HF on the 360 it does’nt look too good. I’m wondering if that small community is a good representation of what the whole SF scene is like. If u checkout the SF2HF forums at xbox.com u will see that place is just a bitchfest with some seriously dumb and disturbing stuff coming from there, really what is up with that? though at the same time I find it amusing like how the hell do get less that a 1 star rep on Live? that is hella funny, there are several people there with 1 or 2 star rep, I have never seen less that 3 star in any other game on the 360.

Anyway with the recent anouncement of SSF2T while great news, has got me thinking its just gonna turn out the same way SF2HF did. I can put up with trashtalkers and whatever, but the quitters really piss me off as it leaves me hanging on a stupidly long wait til I can start again. There are always gonna be aholes around but surely there is a way to help reduce some of the shit that goes on, such as taking out leaderboards as they will always mean jackshit. But I doubt Capcom will actually do anything, they barely did anything to help SF2HF after release. I got it in after a patch was released, I’d hate to think that things were even worse before that

Also my copy of SF Anniversary should be arriving on Monday, I thought I was gonna be waiting a long time before I could play 3rd Strike online, so whats it like online? are they many people playing? are they as silly as the people on SF2HF?

Are you on happy pills?

HF is the most played online
then it’s 3s

AE and cvs2 are near dead
Fighting jam is dead

of course tons of action on kaillera

I wouldn’t worry about a bitchfest. I don’t use a mic and if I hear someone being stupid on the mic I just turn the sound down, don’t let a few immature people get to you

dual accounts?

CvS2 has a fair number of people still playing, as does 3S.