Hi-Res KOF '94 Re-bout shots (cool as hell...take a look)

It’s being worked on. Didn’t one of the recent KOF’s actually come out late, as in, not in the year it was for? By like, a few months.

I’d also love to see a Sam Sho 2. However, honestly–tell me Neo owners, MAMErs–does it stack up today or is it basically “awesome at the time…but…”

I’m playing the crap out of Hyper SFII loads, so it merely being an “old” game wouldn’t bug me.

Well, technically the Fatal Fury games are KoF games because that’s what the storyline name for the tournament is, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

looks pretty good.

How can you guys say that looks good? It looks like KoF 98 with 3d backgrounds and some more animation.

what a piece of shit. 2K2 looks better even with its shitty backgrounds. (compare 2k2 Athena to the Athena shown)

That was a dumb thing to say, but it would’ve been nice if they didn’t ignore the Samurai Shodown anniv.

I saw '94RB last week, it just looked ok, nothing cool or mind blowing about it. And I stopped caring about the original’94 after the superior-in-every-way '95 came out. If SNKP has an audience for this remake then more power to them, but I’m not interested in and I probably won’t pick up its eventual home release.

KoF 94 is real old school gameplay type :karate:
I will get this version no matter what… thank god SNKP is releasing this great title for home console :clap:

SS2 can hold up semi-decently today, if they fixed the hitboxes. The game just isn’t solid on combos. A lot of ideas are quite modern though- in fact, and Ukyo isn’t any more dominant then CvS2 Sagat, he’s not ST Akuma strong.

KOF94 doesn’t interest me unless they updated the gameplay. I’d rather have had a HKOFAE with playable 96 Boss team, Kasumi, Goenitz, and Eiji with the 98 cast.


(insert characters so the message won’t be too lort)


If you ask me, i think theyre dropping 2004 and going for 2005. Why?

  1. The Sammy/Capcom/SNK presentation back in 2003 listed MS6, SSAW and KOF2004 together, and they mentioned re-designing and remaking the games in high-res. You dont make a big high-res game like KOF in one year - the characters would end up looking like A.B.A in Isuka.

  2. The president of Neo Geo USA said they were considering dropping the year of the title.

  3. Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum.

I was agreeing with your response to Virtua_Leon.

It’s ok. 2-D fighting goodness, though.

Ok, I misunderstood. Yeah, Samurai Shodown 2 is still dope as hell IMO, and I like the graphics a hell of a lot to this day, it could use some gameplay tweaks though.

the retraces look like emulator sprites through a blur filter or something

should’ve just made new sprites . . . with a different shading style

It doesn’t look all that great to me either. Still, I enjoyed the earlier KOFs and I’ll probably end up picking it up anyway.

Yep, he’s right with that one, the subtitle for the original FF/GD was “The King of Fighters” and that the original Fatal Fury was also known as KOF’91 or something.

Haha…I find it funny how people complain about the low-res of KoF and now when it goes hi-res people STILL complain. I like KoF either way. Oh and by the way…the insane damage is still there in 94. Not AS insane but its a lot. At least throws don’t automatically take off half health.

I must be missing something. Twice now those Gamespot movies have been posted to show that while in motion, the game looks better. Anyone notice that this movie has 160x120 resolution, and the high-res graphics aren’t going to show through?

Why bother? The characters are ugly, and anybody who remembers KOF94 isn’t going to care about graphics anyway. Seriously, who’s going to buy this game just because it’s high-res? Who wouldn’t buy it if it wasn’t high-res?

Yay, that means 50% dizzy combos for Terry :razz:

Youre an idiot. Did you even try, like… checking the free download version? No? Too lazy? Or maybe too stupid for it?

See attachment for a slightly compressed capture.

Fans of KOF and SNK will, besides SNKP only made 94RB for the fans, it was the most wanted KOF to be re-released because it never had a port outside of a NeoGeo platform. Also it’s virtually the same argument with everything, like Capcom titles.

As much as I like the idea of retooling 94, retooling the superior 95, 97 or the godly 98 would’ve been better or SNK making a HSF style KOF that has every version of every character from 94-2003 too would be awesome.

Actually I’d rather see that HSF style KOF hehe, 95 Heidern/98 Saishu (Advance)/2002 Takuma for me. :clap: