Hi-res picture of the Dreamcast Twin-stick PCB?


Title says it all. I’m looking for a crisp, unlabelled picture of this PCB for a tech guy who knows his stuff and is willing to reverse-engineer the E2 Maple Bus chip.


Ultimately, when the pins of the chip are understood, he might implement the chip functions in a microcontroller (Warning: this is a big IF).

If you have the twin-stick at home and you’re willing to help the project, that would be terrific !

Uh…No. Pictures of the board will not help. At all. But best of luck getting your picture, I hope someone can help.
snip brainstorming edited out. Best of luck on your picture quest, if I get one in my hands, I’ll post a picture up.

@ Speedsterharry,

I just PMed you the link to the PCB pictures I took. Hope it helps.

d7onr8: Thank you SOOOO much for the very quick answer ! The pics are just perfect, but the silkscreen information is unfortunately very weak (I think the tech guy I was speaking about expected to see more info there)

Still, I hope this will be helpful in the end and I will report back here if something interesting “pans out”