Hi-res/quality Orchid (KI) pics?


So I’m in the process of building my own stick and I would like to have a KI art but the problem is, I can’t seem to find any quality KI pics at all. They are all small, ugly, distorted, etc. I would like to get some nice pics of Orchid.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Best one i could find. sorry =/



Yeah, I saw that one too. Was kinda hoping for otheres. Oh well, thanks anyway :wgrin:


there really just isnt that much good art out for ki thats attractive looking



I found an incredibly good pic to use, but it’s hentai(go figure . . . .)It’s not that explict, but it’s really animish.
Best I could do.


Bah, it’s all good man. On my second stick that I will be building, I’ll use some KI goodness.

BTW, did you see my request in the stick art thread :lovin:


Yep I was about to get on in a few actually.