Hi Shoryuken!

I’m not sure if i’m allowed to post an intro about myself. so i’ll do it anyway.

I bought SSF4 1 or 2 motnths ago and i’ve been playing the hell out of it ever since.

My Main is Ken. despite everyone saying for me to play ryu. i picked up ken from the get go and i’ve been really comfortable with him. i may experiment with other characters soon.

i’m pretty much crap at this game. after 1 month of playing i’ve won 3 out of 14 matches and i have 200BP. so yeah, if act like a total newbie, i am.:sad:

Nice to meet you :smiley: I’m new on the Fighting game circuit as well and I suck at it :frowning: If you keep practicing though, maybe you’ll get good :smiley:

Welcome to SRK my man.

I’m really not a good player in pretty much every fighter I play, but I do try to be the best I can be. Due to time constraints and limitations in transportation, I cannot participate in tournys and whatnot but I’m always online on PSN at night so hit me up if you want to play.

If you need any help or tips or whatever, read the stickies first before you make a new thread.

Enjoy your stay at SRK!

Is there really a maybe? I imagine if everyone practiced 8 hours plus a day they’d eventually become quite good.

Oh, and hello from me as well. Hope you can learn a little bit from this place.

Welcome :smiley: This is how I practiced.

Super Street Fighter 4 was the first fighting game I really got serious with. It took me some time to get all the moves down, but eventually you’ll be able to pull them off. Then I switched to a stick which totally threw me off again, but I’m so glad I made that investment.

I practiced by constantly doing ranked matches, but I don’t advise you do the same. For me at least, Ranked matches are quite frustrating if you lose, and are pretty intense. In fact I quit playing ranked matches for that reason. I only play online with my friends :slight_smile: It makes the game a lot more relaxed if you play with friends.

If your friends aren’t online, go to versus mode and play with the difficulty on hardest. I do this all the time. It isn’t the best for learning your footsie game, but it improves your execution very much so.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks For All The Help Guys.

Hey, I’m new here too, welcome to the forum. When I see people pick Ken, I almost cry, haha, that shoryuken dragon punch thing always gets me one way or another, no matter how much I try to outsmart it. Most people follow it up after they get knocked down or after a Senpakyu Tatsumari, and given that they can choose to do this or grab out of Tatsumari, the only way I can think to not be disadvantaged by it is to duck the Senpakyu in the first place, instead of blocking it. Hmmm… I could just dash backward… didn’t think of that until now. Here’s the problem with you picking Ken… most players have faced him a million times and have him figured out, it kind of puts you at a disadvantage from the get go, but he is a very good character.

Anyway Welcome :slight_smile:

(The move is called Tatsumaki senpuukyaku. Or just ‘tatsu’ for short)

You can use a “late crouch tech” to defend against such simple mixups. Block the tatsu, and after it’s done, wait just a little bit, and while still crouching, hit lp+lk (throw). What happens is, if they mash dp after the tatsu, you haven’t yet hit any buttons and you’ll block normally (You’ll probably get a free punish. Don’t throw, do a combo.). If they throw, and you timed your inputs correctly (not too late) your own throw input will register during the tech window for the throw, and you’ll get a throw escape. If they do nothing but block, you’ll get a crouching short (lk), and you can continue with a blockstring. (Though blockstrings are often unsafe against mashers. Just stop and block sometimes and watch them rise into the air in vain.)

Crouch teching is a very powerful defense, but not invincible. If your opponent delays their attack or the throw, or if you tech too early, the short will come out and get beaten during its startup frames. However, most dp mashers don’t really think enough to delay their attacks like this except by accident, so most of the time you will be able to defend against everything they do, and punish when they make a mistake.

ok. i’ll try to tech next time. Also any tips for hadoken spammers, especialy akuma and ryu try to do a focus attack dash but i get hit anyway. if i charge too much i cant seem to dash at all.

haha, and I was almost sure I had it right. Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku. got it.

The grab/dragon punch is usually done instantly, so the timing won’t be a big deal (until I start playing less newbie players anyway). I didn’t think of the crouch tech grab, that could help a lot. Thanks :slight_smile:

Spam them back, you’re using Ken right? Every ocassional fireball, you can FADC to build your ultra, and jump any EX fireballs. If the other player is any good, they will probably shoryuken as soon as you jump a fireball, so wait until they get impatient and come to you, and then YOU dragon punch them as an anti air, hahaha. Chun is good against fireball spammers (hasanshu over them + ultra right through) them, and so is Guy(v < punch), probably why I like those characters. With Ken, you can play the fireball game :smiley:

the problem i have with chun and any other charge characters is i can’t get the inputs quite right, especially ultras, on may ps3 pad.
i can’t get the input right on cammys standing cannon spike or double 180 motions. and dont get me started on zangiefs 2nd ultra. so this really puts many charcters out of my radar.

Juri’s inputs are pretty good, same with Ibuki I think (I need to use her a bit more). Whatever you do, don’t use Guile or Vega lol, their Ultra inputs are rediculous. Is Giefs 2nd ultra the double 360 degree motion one? If it is, you can buffer it with certain moves or jump into it.

Wait what? I started as a pad Guile and Vega. Specially with the new shortcuts, its super easy to pull off that stuff.

Facing left: Charge :db: then go to :d::df::d::db::b::ub::3k: or L2

Facing right: charge :df: then go :d::db::d::df::f::uf::3k: or L2

Flipping easy specially with the Dpad. Just remember to charge as long as it would take to throw out 2 fierce punches, or 2 paces back. I also found it to use the tip of my thumb rather than the fingerprint portion of my thumb as well. It’s just quicker and smoother.

Gief has a cool input shortcut. You can do 360’s without jumping, and 720s relatively quick.

360: You basically do a 270 motion so


720, you just do a 540

:360::hcb::3p: or L1


(… just testing… I didn’t know you could put inputs in like that)

Okay, I had a lot of trouble doing Guile’s ultra on the Xbox360 controller, but maybe it’s because I didn’t know that shortcut.

Welcome, to SRK! I’m also a little new to this forum.

Nice name btw, I can’t believe no one has taken it yet.