Hi SRK ! New to SF5. Need some helping hand and useful tips

Hi everyone.

I bought SF5 three days ago for the PC. Didnt played it much, because I am kinda frustrated with the learning curve. I will talk about it in a second. I used to play years ago 3rd strike and SF4 on my PS3 only as a casual and these games felt much easier than this. I enjoyed them a lot. Mostly played arcade mode, very rarely online. With the recent release of SF5 I promised myself that this time I will learn the game to a point where I can beat people in online matches and I will be a better player in general than before.

Well, as it turned out this game works different than the previous ones I used to play. I remember than in SF to cancel I had to double dash forward into the move or something like that and it doesnt work here. Hours later in the training mode and in the survival mode, I still dont quiete understand the V gauge. The EX is pretty clear tho. The next hard thing for me is that I didnt used my old arcade stick ( MC TE round 2 PS 3 ) for years, and when I managed to get it work on the PC, it was so uncomfotable. It was like starting over again from scratch. Even now, I cant pull of 10 hadokens in a row and I have terrible success rate pulling off Ryus super even while standing. Is it possible that my jo2key is making trouble in the background ?

I watched many tutorial videos for beginners on youtube regarding SF5 and even arcade stick vids like how to hold it etc. It seems that it doesnr work for me. Everyone is talking about muscle memory, but somehow its just not coming to me. I know its individual but after a few hours I should be able to pull of some moves. Especially if I played SF on a stick before. ( Ibuki and Akuma player ) Dunno whats wrong. How long should it take to get used to the stick and learn a characters moveset to a point where I can play online and not just survival mode and training ? A few hours ? Days ?

And my last problem is that I mix up characters almost every time, dunno who to play. I like some, but they seems hard to play and not newbie friendly. For example Karin and Nash are my favorites so far followed by Chun Li. The ones I definitely dont want to play are Ryu and Ken and such characters.

Thoughts on this please guys ? Really would like to hear a plan, how should I approach this situation and how to solve it.

Thanks for every useful comment.

p.s.: I love the menu theme and the graphics overall :slight_smile:

Moving to the newbie dojo.

  • A few hours to learn street fighter execution is not really enough. Turn on input display in training mode and see what you’re doing wrong. Read the execution sticky in the newbie dojo for more information.

  • Try x360ce instead of Joy2Key. Joy2key/xpadder are generally believed to lag.

  • The V gauge increases by taking damage and for some characters by using V-skill (mp + mk). Every character has a different v skill (mp + mk) and v trigger (hp + hk).

  • All of the characters you’re playing a probably fine for a new player.

I don’t know about that. Karin and FANG are probably the two hardest characters to use in the game. Nash I wouldn’t say is hard per se, but he is fairly technical. Out of the characters he named I would say Chun Li is best suited for a beginner, and even some of her execution can be a bit tricky to get a handle on. Overall I’m not sure any of the characters he named are good “beginner” characters, but really just pick who you like. However, maybe be prepared for a little more frustration with some characters than others. As for the execution problems a few hours is not really much time at all. Here is an example for you: this weekend I spent most of my time in training mode learning the muscle memory for some of Karin’s combos, all told I probably put in around 20 hours of lab time and I have been using an arcade stick for quite some time. If you are new to sticks, it is going to take you a very long time to properly learn the muscle memory, way more than just a few hours, so don’t get discouraged.