Hi There! First Time Poster with some questions!


Hello everyone, its a pleasure to finally be part of the community here! Well I have recently decided to get serious about fighting games with the upcoming release of King of Fighters XII.

In doing so, I purchased the best fighting stick in my price range (which isn’t very high) the Hori Fighting Stick Ex 2. Now it works alright, I’ve tested it on Garou: MOW and KoF98UM on the xbox live arcade. I’ve had it a few days and I figured I would get used to it, and I am, but I am very bothered by the joystick. I very much dislike the ball top and I am not quite a fan of the square gate. The buttons are a little hard but I can put up with those.

So I was considering modding my stick, but I do not have enough money to buy a new one if I mess up and from the research I’ve done it requires quite a bit of soldering and filing/shaving down of things to mod this stick decently. I have zero experience soldering let alone a solder gun or a soder sucker. It would be a great while before I could even think about buying a new one because of a long list of things I have to buy soon.

I gotta get KoFXII, senior pictures, school clothes for senior year, next month I have my third vacation of the summer, concert tickets, as well as a new tv. So money is exactly liberty I have at the moment.

I was just curious if there is anything I could do that you guys/girls could think of. I thought about sending my stick somewhere and having someone mod it for me, but I do not know if that is even an option let alone the cost. Would it maybe be more worth it to save my money and try to get a more expensive higher quality stick. Also I feel it is worth noting that I plan to enter tournaments at a nerby arcade for KoFXII.

Thanks for reading this some what “wall of text” and I look forward and appreciate all the help and advice given. Thank you.

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u kno out of all the 09 posts, i would say thank you for actually doing some research! :smiley: i can tell u kno some of ur options…

Yea the ex2 isnt the greatest stick stock, it works for a lil while but overtime, u’ll wear out the stick and it may not be the best stick if your trying to get really competitive. If you ended up attempting to mod it, it could be somewat costly, cause you’d hafta purchase atleast 6 sanwa/seimitsu buttons which would run u around 22 dollars, and then the sanwa JLF stick which would run around 15-20? so off the bat, lets say 45-50 dollars for parts unless u get a good deal…

You could either send it off to someone to mod, or you could try doing it urself. All the guides here are really solid so if you were to actually learn to mod it urself, you’ll prob appreciate your stick more and you’ll know your stick well enough to the point that you can fix it if anything ever went wrong…

if you were to save the money on the ex2, which i think was 50?, you could have maybe afforded somethin in the 100 dollar range, and then if u saved another 50, u could afford a TE stick which are pretty solid…since you already have the ex2, u might as well mod it…ive gotten parts before for like 30 dollars for stick and buttons on a good deal, or you could look into selling some old stuff to afford new parts n stuff, or see if anyone would want to trade…You wont be able to sell anything on the Trading Outlet on SRK till u hit 6 months i believe though :stuck_out_tongue:

I think if u following the modding guides u should be ok, jus dont hurt urself with the soldering iron cause it’ll hurt…btw if you dont like the ball top, u can switch off the ball top for a bat top. But honestly, just stick with the ball top and the square gate, cause they are the most common in my experience, and you’ll probably be happier in the end if this is your first stick :stuck_out_tongue:


This advice isn’t just directed at you, but also for people who want to casually get into modding. The problem about getting into modding is that you will probably spend quite a lot of money on tools required just to do the mod.

For example, I’ve spent a lot of my own money just to mod two sticks (an DC Agetec/Green Goblin and Hori FS3), the only ones I’ve ever done.

Decent variable-speed Dremel rotary tool off eBay - $50
Dremel bits on sale off Amazon - $16
Cheap ass Radioshack soldering iron - $10 (bought two cause one burnt out, decent soldering irons come to at least $50)
Made-in-China Rosin-Core solder from Dealextreme.com - $3.50
Desoldering pump from Dealextreme.com - $5
Wire stripper/crimper from Amazon - $7
75 feet of 24 AWG wire from Radioshack - $5-7
100 .110 quick disconnects from eBay - $10
Roll of electrical rape from Radioshack- $4-5
Small electronics screwdriver set from Radioshack- $15

Unless you have a lot of these kinds of tools, that kind of money easily adds up. And once you buy one thing, you’re committed to modding your stick until you’re finished, so you have to buy whatever it takes to get the job done. Let’s say your Hori EX2 costs $50. You go out to buy a Sanwa JLF for $25 and eight Sanwa buttons for $24. Buying a cheap stick and parts to mod it might cost you like $90 if you do well, but if you have to spend over $75 just to buy tools to mod it then you might as well just buy a TE stick. Economies of scale do a good thing in this world. The only way to make this all worth it for me is to continue to work on more projects.

I’m not trying to discourage you or anything. I just don’t think suggesting everyone to mod their stick themselves is necessarily efficient nowadays, especially without considering the extra money and time you spent researching everything and buying the materials needed to do modding. Modding services are kind of expensive because people highly value their time (like maybe $40-50 just for their time and labor), so I would just suggest you save your money and buy a TE stick or something. Personally, I got extremely interested in sticks when I started getting into Street Fighter and even now, I’m not sure if I’m more interested in arcade sticks or Street Fighter. Just make sure you know what you’re getting into when you go down this path.

Also, stick to that square gate. I’m pretty sure most KoF players (except old-school American ones) use square gates. ;D


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Alright thanks for all the advice guys. Do square gates work well for SF IV as well? Because I ordered it and am waiting for it to arrive. Also how or where would I look more into sending it to someone and having them mod it for me? It seems my best option at the moment.

On another side note, my dad would probably have most of those tools but we are not speaking to each other at the moment so that is on hold haha!


Sorry for the double post but I forgot to ask, since I’m new to this site it is difficult to find my way around, could someone possibly link one of the good Hori ex2 mod guides? More specifically for the stick, because I can deal with the buttons until they break and then mod them, but that stick drives me crazy. I’d save some money but just modding the stick too.


Square gates are the Japanese standard, so yeah, SF4 works well with it (and pretty much any Japanese-made fighter), but if it’s just not working for you, it can easily be replaced with a Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal gate. As fro the ball top, you can order a Sanwa bat top and thread adapter to replace it with.

All of these things are here:

However, Lizardlick has a pretty big backlog of orders and you’ll likely wait about a month before you get them. If that’s too long, ponyboy on the trading outlet has these parts as well, and he usually gets them out within the week:

Just request a bat top and GT-Y and you’re set.

Adding the octogate and bat top is retardedly easy and you’re chances of screwing anything up are pretty much nil. Here’s a guide to changing the gate and the ball top to a bat top:


Pretty much the only tools you need are a screwdriver and a small drill.


Alright I was looking at the guide and I thought I could do everything until it came to trimming down the dust cover on the joystick? What tool would I use for that?

And how do I know which parts etc will fit the hori ex2?

Also thank you all very much.


Don’t worry about that part. The shaft cover is a separate part that’s not included with the EX2 or any other parts in the guide. Dunno why the guide doesn’t specify that.

As for parts that will fit it, any Sanwa gate will fit, but if you ever look into replacing the whole stick, the only one reported to fit without issues is a Seimitsu LS-33, though it would still require dremeling and such inside the case. As for the buttons, you will have to desolder the Hori ones from the PCB before you can replace them. After grinding the holes with a dremel to widen them, they should fit any 30mm Sanwa or Seimitsu button (Sanwa OBSF-30 or Seimitsu PS-14-KN are the most popular from those companies).


Awesome looks really easy then! Looks like I’ll be waiting a month for the parts though, can’t use the trade block yet.


While you’re opening up the stick to install the joystick, why not just go ahead and replace the buttons now?


Oh, I also forgot about Modchipman, he has an actual store and ships really quickly:



If I have the quick disconnects I might consider it, but otherwise it requires quite a bit of solder which I am in no condition to do.


So drunkninja24,

For the mod from that guide all I need to buy are these?



Didn’t see a square gate there or I might have considered it.


Looking over the guide again, I notice it does not show how to get the ball top off.



getting the ball off is simple, the shaft has a slit in the bottom for a flat head screw driver, just put a screw driver in there, and twist the ball top off.