Hi there! Lots of "noobish" questions here!

I want to put this picture on a SE that I plan to buy in the near future.


I was reading some stuff and found I need a template, and I do not fully understand that process, if someone could explain it a little better, like do I need to edit that picture and put all the holes and stuff on it?

And I was wondering there easiest way to put the art on the stick, I’ve seen some that suggest taking everything out and I would like to avoid that because the only reason I am buying a SE is because of their price and simplicity to mod.

Also I was going to put Semistu(sp) buttons on there, clear ones, so I could put my own art in there, which brings me to another question, what size of art can I put into those buttons? I want to put a circular image but I am not sure how I am going to size it to the buttons.

Sorry for the dumb questions, I just want to fully understand what I am doing before I spend the money.

You already made a thread about this at the Tech Talk section…which were giving you answers.
If you need help on the “stick art” itself, go here..

Yeah, one of the answers there was to take art questions here, which is what I thought I was supposed to do? If not I apologize.

Just use the link I posted for future reference…

I suggest you recut that pic, or the rough edges are going to stand out on your stick…

I was wondering about the same thing, what’s the easiest way to put new art on an SE?