hi there



Hi mmm do i start. Well, im a seth player like most of you guys. (my actual main is chun li and ibuki, first ibuki in the n.a leaderboard) i think of myself as an above average seth player maybe because i reached 4700+ pps and almost have 15000 bps with him. I wanted to just introduce myself here i dont know why. But anyways my psn id is velicoso without the 5. And add me if you wanna test me or just joke arround :). And im new to the forums.


Hi. It’s always nice to see more Seth players around this forum. Are you going to keep playing him in AE?


Sup, I’ll add you but be aware I’m often hard to get a match with, although I never mind being invited no matter which game I’m playing.

I’m probably worse than you, but I consider myself at least alright.


Yea im gonna keep playing him in AE


It’s great that you’re here and all, but it’s not really deserving of a new thread.