Hi, this is my idea for a possible change to x factor

I posted this in the capcom unity suggestion box. I hope if people agree, or at least would like to see it given a shot, they could vote up my suggestion?

search Versus Games and filter to Last Week

Here is what I posted, so that people can read it first and judge: and by the way, the post didn’t take formatting :frowning:

I think that X factor could be broken down into 3 separate types that will all function like an x factor with canceling moves or guard stun, but with 3 different boosts to the character. The players could be able to choose between these 3 types at the character select screen after choosing all 3 characters/assists.
These 3 categories I am suggesting are: Life (gain red health back, no chip damage), Power (increased damage), and Blitz (increased speed) the names are arbitrary.
One of the major things to consider when making a team in the original MvC3 was how to utilize X factor. Some characters were so much better at using x factor than others that they became very common to see both online and at tournaments.
Making specialized x factors means that players have more control over the process of building an effective team.
Also, each x factor should have ONLY the specific buff. In the case of red life regenerating during Life factor, it could regenerate a significant amount faster than the X factor of MvC3. Power boost could retain its large damage output, but without the extra speed boost, does not lead to damage that is over the top. Speed boost means longer/more complex combos, maybe less overall damage than power boost, but the added threat of extra speed/mobility can turn into more damage.
Thank you for your time in reading my post, and I hope some of it is considered!

I forgot to add that they could have different colored glow effects too ! lmao

3 cancels would be a dumb idea, since it would truly mean 3 hits = 3 kills. Otherwise it’s not that bad of an idea.

They were just saying that all three types could cancel.

my hope for xfc was for it to be like the gems in MSH. every character had a gem that work differently for them. wolverine should get speed and no chip and life regen (not dmg up). mag should get no chip dmg and speed and extra defense. hulk should get strength, life regen, and no chip. it would probably make certain characters broken depending on what powerup they recieved from xfc. but atleast theyd keep in line with what powers the cahracter possess. dont mind me im bored at work right now and playing UMVC3 got me hype to play again

If just the maximum scaling at 50% cap was gone, xfactor would be much better, imo.

it could give all the same bonuses it gives today, and maybe reset hitstun scaling (so it would still be relevant after long combos) leaving damage scaling alone.

The main problem is that the 200% damage some characters get on the first hit just transforms into 1000% (normally a hit would be doing 10% damage (on most cases) but on xfactor it would be 200% of 50%, which is 100%…) more than it should at full scaling.

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