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Yes, I use ken in A-groove. I also practice with a digital joystick at my house. Pretty shitty, but I can do most stuff on it. Only move that gives me problems is the raising storm with Geese. But doing moves at the arcade proves to be easy, even though its on shitty unnatended analog joysticks at the Jillian’s where I play at a mall called Discovery Mills. Yes, welcome, HI, to my unfortunate world of practicing CVS2 at my house in training mode and vs. the comp on hardest difficulty. Not that its any challenge, but I’ve gotten down to about an 80% chance of pulling off a custom combo with Ken and about a 95% chance of pulling off any special move or combos. I can beat most anybody at my local arcade though (Jillian’s) even though I almost never go. Its just motivation and sheer practice. In other words, to get good, just play. I don’t understand all terms and abbreviations, what I do understand though is that understanding does not have to involve any means of language, and that what “I do” in this game with Ken or any character are things I’ve discovered solely through playing and constantly changing strategies. Just my two cent rambling…