Hibiki Art

My hibiki flats




I like the drawing man. very nice! her hair bun is kinda in a bad position so i think you can get rid of it.

What you could use is some highlight adjustments. The reflective light is kind of dominant. Tone some of it down from competing with th main lightsource, unless it’s really bright backlighting.
Your darks go a little too dark sometimes. So try to bump up some of the values.

As for the bg just throw in all the dominant colors that we see right away, which would be blue, red, peach and white. Blend them all together for better unity because it will look cut out.

Overall very good job and be glad that your colors are vivid and not muddy.


Thanks a million G, Another one for my reference gallery

Man Great stuff. Lookin Sharp! Just finished playing Last Blade 2 to check out the net. The Flats look really good too. Like a Japanese Wood block print or something. Especially with the background color.

SFMC Nice touch up! I like the little nose edit too. I wish I could get you to touch up some of my colors. :smiley:

Looks good. I like it.

But, is she blind?