Hibiki Combos and Glitches

List your favorite combos here using standard abbreviation conventions. Include the proper damage from the training data in training mode.

In order to get an accurate number, make sure to set your character’s super meter to either “Normal” or “Max Start” because “Infinity” and “Recover” will give the combo an illegal damage boost. Also, make sure to perform the combo against P-Groove or A-Groove because some of the other grooves have meter-based defense bonuses. Finally, make sure to perform the combo when the opponent has a full lifebar, because otherwise the damage will be reduced depending on how low the opponent’s health is.

Also, discuss any glitches or bugs the character has, not including Roll Cancel. RC discussion belongs in a strategy thread.

The B&B everybody has known about since like day 1:
c.short x3, c.jab XX QCF+strong

c.short x3, deadly rave super (root 2) to forward(MK), pause, s.RH XX QCB+fierce XX QCF+fierce

c.short x2, c.jab XX dash super

s.RH XX QCB+P XX QCF+fierce

close s.strong XX QCB+P XX QCF+fierce

far s.strong XX deadly rave- whiff punisher combo

Jump-ins of choice for starting combos are j.strong and j.RH. From fullscreen you can do sj.forward, land, c.jab XX QCF+strong for a decent fireball punisher.

cr lk cr lk cr lk cr lp xx power geyser super works (for lvl 3 at least)

st mk cr lk cr lp xx slash or lvl 3 power geyser super (dunno whether its a 1 or 2 frame link)

st mk cr hp (another hard link)

forgot this one

cr lk cr lk xx hp running slash, hp slash

has to be from point blank range, and u gotta press the lk’s as fast as u can, its kinda useful to do after an empty jump in

Good posts, try to add damage/stun data for future reference though.

Additional notes/corrections:

-low strong xx deadly rave doesn’t combo at max range unless it was a counter hit. Also, at max range of the low strong the other super won’t even reach.
-close forward is +6, so linking low short afterwards is an easy 3 frame link. Linking low strong/fierce is a lot tougher at 1 frame, though.
-AFAIK, 2 low shorts into running slash is way too inconsistent to be used in real matches. I’ve even tried it on the fattest characters and still only got it to combo roughly 60% of the time.

-close roundhouse xx qcb+fierce xx qcf+fierce:
3400 dmg, 34 stun

Your big mistake punisher. The trip slash can be swapped with a level 1 super (not recommended, only 1200 more damage) or higher. However, if you have a level 3 available you wouldn’t want to do this combo anyway. The non-super combo is great as it does good damage and a whopping 34 stun; halfway to dizzying any character. Great set ups after also.

-close roundhouse xx deadly rave, close roundhouse xx qcb+fierce xx qcf+fierce:
7878 dmg, 47 stun

Your big mistake punisher into level 3. Very good damage, HUGE stun damage and great set ups after. If you hit this, chances are you’re going to win.

-(S/N-Grooves only) deadly rave, close roundhouse xx qcb+fierce xx level 1:
7979 dmg, 0 stun

After a deadly rave super, the combo hit count is high enough that damage scaling becomes fairly severe on the running slash xx trip slash combo. The level 1 super becomes more worth it in this case, doing roughly 1600 more dmg. By comboing into the deadly rave super you can do roughly 10000 dmg in one combo.

-counter, qcb+jab:
1800 dmg, 12 stun

Your standard no-meter follow up to the counter. Sets up a bazillion things afterwards, including a 2p glitch cross up.

-counter, level 1/3 super/blackout super:
2900/5500/6100 dmg, 0 stun

Doing the level 1 generally isn’t worth it, but the level 3 is good for a nice chunk of free damage. N-Groove can also activate after the counter and still land the level 3. The blackout super is quite a bit harder to time (at least for me, anyway) so I wouldn’t recommend going for it.

-dp+kick, qcf+fierce:
1900 dmg, 19 stun

19 stun plus knockdown off of an RCable overhead is quite nice. As with all combos ending with qcf+fierce, good set ups after.

-dp+kick, level 1/3 super:
3100/5700 dmg, 8 stun

Self explanatory.

Just to clarify, but I think what Buk means in this:

is close s.RH XX deadly rave, s.RH XX QCB+fierce, QCF+fierce

Oops. Thanks, already edited.

Hrm… might as well list some CCs while I’m here:

-CC, (close RHx2, c.HP xx qcb+LP)x2, (c.LPx4, c.HP xx qcb+LP)x2, c.LPx4, c.HK xx super:
7892 damage

Very respectable damage. This generic ground CC is your “big punisher CC” and also the CC to use when you activate randomly. First hits hitting low is nice too, but I find that it’s a little too slow to use as trip guard anti-air.

-CC, qcf+MP, qcb+LP, qcb+MPx3, qcf+MP, c.LK (whiff), (jump HPx5)x2, super:
6864 damage

This is your anti-air CC. The beauty of this CC is that you can anti-air somebody from REALLY far away on reaction and get a whole CC out of it. Is Blanka jumping up and down? Kill it. Blanka low jumping up and down? Kill it. Did you just block a Bison psycho crusher (or Blanka ball)? Kill it. Sak whiffing dive kicks? Kill it. You get the point.

-kick throw, CC, qcf+MP, qcb+MPx4, qcf+MP, c.LK (whiff), (jump HPx5)x2, super:
6812 damage

This is lovely. Guaranteed CC after a midscreen throw. You can also activate, THEN throw and combo off of that for a bit less damage. Still worth it, though, and pretty much guaranteed to work several times on everybody before they start catching on. And then when they start trying to jump out you do a low move and go into the ground CC…

-CC, jump HKx4, c.HP, then go into generic ground CC:
7760 damage

Overhead CC on big characters. Works on characters Eagle-sized and taller. Also handy as an easy reset mid-CC, or if you went for a low hitting CC and they blocked.

-CC, qcb+LP, c.HP, (qcb+LP, c.HPx2)x2, (c.LPx4, c.HP, qcb+LP)x2, c.LPx4, c.HK, super:
7672 damage

Whiff punisher CC. Also works as one of the best anti-projectile CCs in the game. Hibiki can be really far away from the fireball thrower and still get a CC off of it.

Now, if anybody can tell me how to consistenly get Hibiki’s CC reset with dodge xx hop back and j.rh, I’ll be your best friend for life.

dodge > bk+KKK, j.RH reset:

Your opponent has to be crouching, first off. Maybe even defensive crouch, I dunno.

After that, just do QCB+P at the appropriate range to do the dash part, then do KKK > fwd+KKKx2 (tap all the kicks twice, you should get j.RH to come out) pretty much as soon as it hits. The whole “trick” to it is holding forward instead of back to do the hop, but you probably already knew that. After that, it’s just cancelling the dash part before she she’s all the way behind them, IIRC. Reminds me of some GGXX momentum glitch.

If that doesn’t work for you, sorry… I don’t really know how to explain how I get it to work. I’ve only done it once in a real match, and I was too excited to continue the CC :rolleyes:

2p player glitch

after an crappy run with todo, i wanna get good with hibiki again.

anyways, what is this 2p glitch and how do i abuse it? im still unclear on what it is, eventhough 86 has tried explaining the amount of times sagat throws a c.fierce.

and how do you get the jump in Rh to hit without gettin punished. (im in N groove with r1 hibiki up front)

Are you the guy that wrote the guide on gamefaqs? You didn’t tell anybody how to continue the CC afterwards… :lol:

After the hopping roundhouse, you need to immediately chain a falling strong while you’re still in the air. Hit down fierces after you land and the everything will combo perfectly. I don’t think I’m techically holding forward when I do the hop as well. I start the reset like this…

-point blank d.HP/close s.HK xx qcb+HP, keep hold back (same direction as after I did the qcb+HP), KKK~HK, HK…

There’s a special timing you need to link the falling strong after the hopping roundhouse consistently. Practice makes perfect. Against large characters like Sagat, you can substitute a falling fierce for the falling strong as well.

Getting hit by this is the stupidest thing ever. I used to think A-Hibiki sucks, but now I can’t stand fighting against her. I don’t even fool around when she does some random CC in my face now. Alpha counter first, think later!

Once the opponent smartens up and starts standing up to avoid hopping roundhouse, start faking the overhead and hitting them low instead.

-point blank d.HP/close s.HK xx qcb+HP, (wait), KKK, d.MK…

I’m having problems w/ the combo s.HK xx QCB + HP etc.

about 1 out of 5 times, s.HK xx QCB + HP winds up Hibiki slashing the opponent but not running through them. It looks like Hibiki went into the animation to go through them, but the hit stun made them reel too far back. Is there anyway to get around that? Or do i need to memorize the buffer timing?

Also, when you do deadly rave, which root do u do and where do you stop to go into s.HK xx…?

hold HP down til she’s just about to pass through, release, qcf+HP immediately after the hit registers

edit: CC off of counter (hcf+K)

hcf+K (counters) -> superjump almost next to opponent, activate -> [sj.HPx3]x2* -> [sj.LPx4, sj.HP]xN -> super

  • if the opponent isnt at the corner after the first sj.HPx3, u’ll need to carry the distance with either qcb+LP or qcb+MP to continue the combo, from there, follow with a s.HP, c.LK and rejump

*Originally posted by kcxj *
Are you the guy that wrote the guide on gamefaqs? You didn’t tell anybody how to continue the CC afterwards… :lol:


I haven’t updated that thing in forever:bluu: Thanks for clarifying the follow-up on the thread, though.

close s.RH XX QCB+fierce, just hold fierce a tiny bit before you release it. It’ll still combo.

Deadly rave, do root-2 and end at forward (MK) then do s.RH XX QCB+fierce XX QCF+fierce

Too easy. :smiley:

say, you’re doing the Hkxxqcb.Hp CC. After u do qcb.hp,just hold the joystick there at back. Then just press KKK,then Hkx2 (still holding the joystick in the same direction,back,after the initial qcb.hp). There, instant reset/overhead.

EDIT: what i posted above works if the opponent is blocking. If he’s not, theres a stricter timing. Instead of holding back, u hold foreward.

i’ve seen otaku’s hibiki do antiair close fierce punch then cancel into dodge. does anybody know how to do this?

after the first hit, press fierce again for the 2nd hit, but immediatly press two kicks

i think the timing for it is like kara canceling in 3s.

Actually, just hold fierce and hit all the kicks as soon as you see the 2nd hit animate.
2nd hit can be kara-cancelled into any special as long as you’re holding fierce down. Nice little hit-confirm into L3 super as well, though that’s getting a little too fancy for me…

What move besides close roundhouse can I use to combo into Deadly Rave. I use N-Hibiki and if I broke stock nobodies going to let Hibiki in for fear of a blackout.

Nobody fears Blackout that much, dude…

Main ways to combo speed mode/deadly rave outside of close s.RH? c.short x1-3 XX super. Far s.strong XX super (good whiff punisher)

Yeah that’s pretty true…unless you get in that counter and can dash into super. Now THAT is scary. But you’ll learn to bait the counter so you can punish it instead of eating a super.