Hibiki Moveset and Attributes

Discuss the character’s entire moveset here, including normal moves, special moves, super moves, and all the other miscellaneous stuff like counter attacks, rolls, dodge attacks, jumps, and throws.

Also list attributes such as dizzy count, lifebar points, character size and special hitbox properties.

Once a full movelist including frame data has been provided for the character, this post will be edited to include all of it, with proper credit to the guy who copied all that stuff from the Japanese guide or whatever.

Man id love to get some hibiki frame data, specifically for her cr lk, close st mk, and qcf + p slashes.

KKK Dodge

Whoa, I never realized how great this move was. Good for stopping random RCs and pokes. A-Sakura throwing out too many RC fireballs or too much Sagat c.HP? KKK Dodge it and smack 'em back.

Ok, here are the moves as i know them, any mistakes just point it out or change it or whatever.

Distance slash: qcf+p

Beckoning slash: qcb+p(hold to continue running)

piercing moon pounce: fdp+k

melding being blade: hcf+k

narrow escape: all 3 k simul.

essential crunch: b+k or f+k during narrow escape

Heavenly Spirit of Victory: qcb,db,f+p

Level 3 Super
No fear feint: f,hcf+p

Going my way(Deadly rave): hcb,f+k
root 1: lp,mp,hp,lp,mp,hp,lp,mp,qcf+hp
root 2: lp,mp,hp,lp,mp,hp,lk,mk,qcf+hk
root 3: lp,mp,hp,lk,mk,lk,hk

I think thats it, dont credit me credit capcom.

Hope it helps, gonna hunt for some frame data, maybe post later today.

yeah, i know this is kinda old, but i don’t really know exactly where else to ask. but how effective are her supers? i use hibiki in k groove and i use the rage to just add more damage. i just started playing, so i don’t know links or anything. is the level 1 more effective than level 3, etc? thanks

basic rundown…

dash super - combos after c.lp (so you can use it as a b&b when you have meter), you can use it after all of her mixups (which consist of dp k (overhead), qcb p (run slash thing), meaty qcb p (run slash thing that hits on the other side), and close s.hk (standing low hit))

blackout - anti air, wakeup, after her counter (hcf+k), stronger than her dash super

speed mode - her most damaging super. it combos from s.mp, so it makes her footsies all more dangerous. you can end it with s.hk xx qcb hp xx qcf hp for a bunch of stun and added damage. plows through fireballs. its uses are pretty much the same as rock’s deadly rave.

Some clarifications of the supers…

b&b for hibiki is cr.lk x 3, cr.lp xx jab slash, you can’t do cr.lk x3, cr.lp xx dash super. you can cancel cr.lp into dash super, but it won’t combo at full cr.lp range.

you can only counter into blackout super if you were in the corner to begin with. And it’ll only do alot of damange if it actually blacks out (ie, you hit them close enough to you).

you can’t combo it from a full range s.mp. you can cancel it, but it wont’ combo.

You can counter, dash/run, blackout.

IIRC speed mode super connects from max range s.strong, problem is when you punish whiffs and hit BEYOND s.strong’s max range.

Oh and speed mode super connects of c.short x3 as well.

Here’s what you should be practicing if you want to learn how to do a short-short-short-chain super:

(While crouching)

You almost need to know how to do this in higher-level play. It’s easier to do the regular super off of shorts, but you’re going to want the chain super all of the time. It does more damage, yes, but because of the three shorts before it and the roundhouse and running slashes after it, it’s good for 40 stun points. If you can land a cross-up slash and trip slash back on wakeup, you’ll dizzy a 60-stun character.

An R2 Hibiki can potentially wipe out an R1 60-stun character in this way. A K-Groove R2 Hibiki can just about wipeout an R2 60-stun character as well.

not if you’re playing a-groove.

and i’m almost 99% positive that st.mp at max range on dummy will not combo with speed(deadly rave) super.

Yeah, from max range they recover in time to block the super.

I cannot combo into her “Rave” super for the life of me. I can combo into qcfx2 motions but that motion is way too hard for me. Any advice? I’ll try the one Windyman listed but … I’m just not good at this. :sad:

i’d say the biggest problem for me was that i didn’t do the full :hcb: motion. I usually ended in :db:, so the super won’t come out.

I can’t do the black out super for the life of me to this day.

hm…level 3 does. he said he only played k groove so i was going by that.

you can do counter, dash/run, blackout. maybe you’re not timing it right.

i never knew that. i guess i alwasys do it at almost max range. or i always get a counter hit.

wow, thanks a lot guys. i’m nowhere near good with her so this would help a lot.

Hibiki’s Complete Frame Data and Movelist is available at Finest KO.com:


I’m new to the CVS2 Scene…can anyone offer pointers…like Pokes…regular punches or kicks i should use?

I don’t understand the “X-Up” on Beckoning Slash.
What the hell is it? What you get if you charge the move and wait for it to slash on its own? On the PS2 version I never noticed it on the command list, and seeing it on your site is something new…

The cross up is pretty simple. When you do the beckoning slash, you want to hit your opponent deep inside so that you will continue to run past your opponent. However, just as you hear it connect, you can input another move right after and effectively cancel it…

As an example, there’s a video on http://www.crazyasskim.com between OTK and Buktooth’s Hibikis. Buktooth does a beckoning slash and cancels into a DSoV.

Oh I thought it was some other move nobody uses… I was talking of course about how on Windyman’s site on frame data for the move you have like four listings, Jab, Strong, Fierce, “X-UP.”


Thanks for clarifying

Does anyone know if Hibiki can… transfer her invincibility from her dodge to her Essential Crunch?

It may be a semi-useful reversal so long as the opponent is outside throwing range.

I ask because of that inherent property of some moves that KO an opponent and yet allow the rest of the special sequence to continue long after the match is over. Not when you mash pokes during a CC or anything, but say after a Kyosuke pillar super, qcf+k for example, there’s many more such as these I guess I’m theorizing whether or not the moves are considered linked as such.

Another example would be Rock’s command grab to the charged ki-blast.