Hibiki/Nakoruru/Haomaru in A

Is this a feasible competition team? Hibiki and Nakoruru kill in A, but Haomaru I’m not so sure, it doesn’t emphasize his power asset. Other than that, I can’t really see any flaws in this all-blade team.

Hmm, hibiki and nak definately can compete, i think haormuru is better in a than other grooves, because imo his supers lick balls.

I think K is his best groove. He WILL get his ass kicked, and he gains a LOT from getting a damage boost from doing so, if he’s in K. I tried using him for a while in A. He has shit range, his moves are too slow, and he’s just plain BORING.

Haohmaru has shit range…?


Thats a revelation for me.

His only long normal is fierce, and you do NOT want to use that as your main move in footsies.

I eat Haohmaru for lunch. There’s a reason why no top players pick him (ie. he sucks).

^ Yep.:o

st. strong has long range, and is pretty fast…

Yeah, I realize that Haomaru is the weak link in the team, however I’ve gotten pretty adept with him. I appreciate his AA game the most, followed by his poke, and his countering is fair. I think if I could learn him in A, I could hold my own. What is his ideal CC? Jab into st. fierce then repeat ad nauseum?

Actually its st. fierce x5 after the jab, then you want to do slides for quick hits, XX super.

What the heck? Are you talking about Mai? Haohmaru’s slide knocks down guy. I think you mean s.MK’s for quick hits instead.

Haohmaru’s anti-air game is poor. d.HP will only hit opponents from the front plus it takes a very long time to recover. It’s free combo for me if you whiff. My friend who plays P-Haohmaru doesn’t even use it. He does tap forward (for parry), d.LK’s or d.MK instead.

Yeah I meant st. mk… Sorry I NEVER play Hahoh.