Hibiki rushdown



Right now I use her in N groove and my only tools for rushing down are QCB+lp, run and small jump rh. What else does she have?


i use her in k-groove…first off…dont try and play rushdown most of the time with her…like…maybe once in awhile to change the momentum, so they don’t get used to seeing a certain pattern. you can rushdown with a variety of pokes…good hibikis don’t need to jump…but…if you must…her small hop mp is good, and her crossup roundhouse is good…you can run cancel her c.lp, it works well for me, then her standing and crouching mp is good, and her crouching fierce is good, but that isn’t really a rushdown tool so much as just a good poke.

also, u can cancel block chains with her special overhead (example: c.lk, c.lk, dp lk, fp slash {for another knockdown/mindgame})


rushdown with Hibiki isn’t that good because she is a turtle character. qcb+p is good from max distance.


Maybe I phrased this wrong. What I mean is not rushdown like Morrigan style, but more like staying at a good poking range.