Hibiki Strategies and Matchups

Discuss the character’s entire moveset here, including normal moves, special moves, super moves, and all the other miscellaneous stuff like counter attacks, rolls, dodge attacks, jumps, and throws.

Also list attributes such as dizzy count, lifebar points, character size and special hitbox properties.

Once a full movelist including frame data has been provided for the character, this post will be edited to include all of it, with proper credit to the guy who copied all that stuff from the Japanese guide or whatever.

I’m having TONS of problems fighting Rolento right now. I pretty much get 0wned by free jump-ins. Everytime I try to use S.HP as an anti-air, it always gets stuffed by Rolento’s J.MP. Any tips for fighting this match?

Okay, looks like we lost some crap do to the SRK restore so could who ever posted stuff, repost if you remember? Thanks.

Buk pretty much said that Rolento can’t stop your jump-ins either, so jump-in a lot.

I posted about doing random low jumps,fwd or straight up and hitting HP once u see him jump. if he tries to low jump.mp you, KKK dodge, and hit him in his low jump recovery. if he triies to empty jump, KKK, then cancel into the jump back.

Rolento can always screw your jumps with both stnd.Mp, KKK Lp or jump back Lp.

Rolento can’t really do crap against Hibiki’s jumps if she’s remotely near him. j.RH and such. j.strong from far out is at a bad angle for Rolento’s s.strong, too.
To use j.jab or scouter jab, he needs to anticipate your jump, too. So if you’ve been doing your job by playing a good ground game, you’ll get more jump ins than you’d think.

can you give me some strat against Sagat? I’m having a lot of problems with him. Thanks

To beat Sagat, keep him at a range. Use QCB + LP at max range, QCF + LP or MP at max range, run/walk up MP, c.HP, etc. Don’t jump in too much, because even if you cross up, he often recovers in time to hit you and that does more damage then your j.HK usually. Try to counter poke everything, and use QCF + HP VERY sparingly, as recovery is wayyyyyy too long.

Try to bait his Tiger uppercut, if he whiffs, it’s a free 3400 pts w/ RH xx QCB + HP xx QCF + HP.

If he tries to jump in, s.HP beats out Sagat cleanly 90% of the time for me, and is sometimes a counter hit.

I think this match up isn’t too bad, unlike Bison and Cammy. The problem is, Sagat does so much damage, Hibiki can’t take much more then one good combo. Just play cautiously and keep your distance, and if you don’t get hit by a Fierce into lvl 2 into lvl 1 you should be fine. If I made some mistakes, sorry, and feel free to correct me.

Don’t try to “counter poke everything” or you’re gonna get baited into a world of pain.'
Patience is key. Punish whiffs and bait stuff on the ground… other than that, hope he doesn’t just s.short at its max range :bluu:

If you anticipate a fireball from fullscreen, sj.strong, c.jab XX QCF+strong. You can’t really do it on reaction 'cuz you’ll probably get DP’d, though… and if you guess wrong, DP’d. Meh.

not sure whether to put this in Moves/Attributes or Match Ups, but here are the moves that can punish hibiki’s qcf+p slash (stolen off srk):

E. Honda
Lv 3 Onimusoo (hit or blocked)

Fierce ball (hit or blocked)
Lv 3 Direct Lightning (hit or blocked)
MP Slide (blocked)

Vega (USA)
Low roundhouse (blocked)

Lv 3 Tiger Cannon (hit or blocked)

M. Bison (USA)
Strong/fierce Psycho Crusher (hit or blocked)
Forward/roundhouse Double Knee Press (hit or blocked)
Mega Psycho Crusher (hit or blocked)
Low roundhouse (blocked)

Lv 3 Spin Dive Smasher (hit or blocked)

Lv 2/3 Houyoku-Sen (hit or blocked)

Lv 3 Take No Prisoners

But from this, i’m pretty sure you shouldn’t be spamming qcf + mp on sagat if he has meter.

You shouldn’t spam QCF+jab/strong anyhow. Sagat will rape you with one lucky jump or Roll. QCF+jab/strong is good but not THAT good. Not saying you shouldn’t use it, but every time you use that move you’re risking random Roll/jump into death.

Sagat isn’t that bad a fight except he does too much damage. You can do some whiff punishing stuff when the opportunity is there, but IMHO the main goal is to control the ground. It’s not that hard to anti-air Sagat with Hibiki if you know the distances and such (and if you’re not knocked down) so long as he doesn’t have Low Jump… the trouble is his pokes on the ground.
Actually you can do pretty decently if you get close as well… getting a knockdown is a pretty decent way to start racking up the damage.

very true. I mainly use :qcf: + :lp:/:mp: vs honda/blanka for:

  1. blocked headbutt/ball
  2. counter their dash in (when they are in mid air, so the can’t roll out of it). Blanka i’d be more carefull about it, since they can rc hop.
  3. rc’ed for anti air. I usually use rc :hcb: + :hp: for anti-air more often, since you’re usually more safe if you mistimed it. there’s also dodgexxback hop + :hp: as good anti-air as well.

hibiki imo should be played as mainly a zoner/turtler. she’s got some nice rush down, but because of her low health, the risk/reward is abit too high. DP’s hurt like hell, and one of them will push you back out of rush down range.

Yeah, I love doing all the mixups and stuff but patience is what gets the wins with Hibiki.

RC QCF+jab/strong is good against Low Jumps, sorta.

I need some help vs guile. c-groove guile vs a-groove hibiki. I eat too many sb’s and just cant seem to generate anything. Advice would be appreciated.

that list was referring to hibiki bnb combo if i recall, and its old and outdated. its kind of situational who can punish hibiki after random slashes, but after some experience you don’t have to worry about it, it hasn’t happened to me in forever, even off of blocked slashes, gotta zone them well and not be predictable/stupid with them.

if done properly hibiki’s bnb combo (short short short jab mp slice) doesn’t get punished by anything that i know of off the top of my head except level 3 rog and bison supers. However, I am sure that none of the other bison moves, nor any sagat or blanka retaliation will work, even if theyre perfectly times reversals. So yea some testing needs to be done that list isn’t so cut and dry, just something to keep in mind.

super late edit:
i was looking for info on this and came across my own post, hah. Anyway, I THINK FP psycho crusher reversal will punish well timed hibiki bnb. Need to test that one, but Im pretty sure that reversal scissors wont do it.

Thanks for the heads up.

I have been hit plenty of times after bnb with bison’s normal psycho crusher. Even rh scissors if i was abit closer (if i chain the lk’s faster).

I haven’t tested this either, but i wouldn’t be surprised if cammy’s lvl 3 :qcf::qcf: + :hk: super connects after bnb as well.

Rock can counter super(qcfX2+k) the slash too blocked or hit.

Found that out the hard way against the CPU no less… :xeye:

didnt’ mean to ignore your post like that…just saw it today! :sad:

regular/rc :hp: slash should help with this matchup.

well timed rc :lp:/:mp: slash does well when they try to poke with cr.mk. and when they try to follow up their blocked sonic booms.

I’ve noticed that jap hibiki’s like to jump in to guile with :hk: (vertical slash) at the right distances…cause i think it stuffs his normal anti-airs (cr. fp in particular). I haven’t tried it myself, but it seemed to work for them.

Cool man thx. I’m trying too much to RC through the boom and not the pokes I think. I’ll try it later tonight.

Copied from the CvS2 Tier discussion: