Hibiki vs Akuma



I wipe the floor with all other shotos with her, but when I play a good Akuma I usually do alright, but I never really win that round. Anyone have any suggestions?

Edit: It’s mainly that damn air fireball, the demon flip stuffs her AA.


I’m new and want to give Hibiki a go to try to break old ken/ryu habits from sf2, what’s your typical other-than-akuma-anti-shoto strat? I’m sure it’s some sort of keep away.


You can be sorta aggressive with her, but overall she is a turtle charater. The other shotos can’t jump on Hibiki because her standing hp stops all most all air attacks probly about 96% of jumping attacks i say. Her standing hp turns into a anti-crossup when they try to cross you up. If they roll, just do shortx3, jab, qcf+mp. Her qcf+hp goes under fireballs, and they can’t do running jabs on her because of her 3 kicks move. Also, you can cross-up with hk do to shorts the her overhead and if it connects do a super or qcf+hp. I’ll have more to add later I’m sorta short on time.