Hibiki vs Cammy/Blanka/Sagat

I use K-Hibiki and it seems that Hibiki might be too slow in reaction time against the CvS2 top tiers, especially after her qcf + any p.

Against Cammy it seems that if cammy has the ability to execute a lvl 3 super(raged or Lvl 3 bar) and hibiki does her b&b combo, she can get hit by cammy’s qcf x 2 + k, no matter what. Her qcf + p gives Cammy enough time to execute the super. It seems that if Hibiki tries to rush down against cammy she has to whore her c. jab, which often trades with many of Cammy’s normal moves. Any other move while trying to rush down seems to be too slow and causes Hibiki to be vulnerable for many frames.

against Blanka, I think she does better than against Cammy. her j. RH can hit a blanka ball and and a blanka ball super. And if Blanka throws out that c. fierce and hibiki blocks, her jab is fast enough to hit and you can link to qcf + jab. If Blanka does a blanka ball and you block, her qcf + jab & her hcb + jab are fast enough to hit blanka. If you parry or JD a blanka ball, it allows enough time to run or dash and execute her b&b combo. If you can execute a lvl 3, it gives you enough time to do her QCB, HCF+P super. Against Blanka, there have been times when all I have to do is B&B all day. In my opinion, Blanka is a sucker for cross-ups. I cross him up with J. RH which can also link to her B&B combo if executed correctly.

Sagat is the one that gives me the most problems. his small jump RH trades with her s. Fierce and causes so much damage, especially since plenty of Sagat’s are Ratio 2. If i can predict when they’ll be small jumping + RH. I can use her counter to either J. Fierce or if I’m raged either into her QCB, HCF+P super or if i counter throw them against the corner I try to use her F, HCF + P super, which causes more damage. If sagat is semi close and decides to throw a fire ball and I’m raged, I do her combo super. Good damage. Hibiki’s a sucker for Sagat’s C. Fierce. Her jabs get hit by it and if you were to miss a c. Fierce, it gives Sagat enough time to cause plenty of damage. She’s decent against Sagat, but can get hurt badly during her vulnerable frames after slashes and her c. fierce.

Also since the other Hibiki topic is mostly A-groove, they don’t elaborate on her lvl 3 supers. With her combo super, the most damaging combo i know of is this one: HCB, F + LK, LP, MP, HP, LP, MP, HP, LK, MK -> standing HK, QCB+HP, QCF+HP.

Anyone else got any tips on how to fight against the CvS2 top tiers???

Being a very good Hibiki player, I’ve fought these bad boys numerous times. I’ve also had to mostly experience putting them away…

Blanka is the easiest one to beat with Hibiki. He can’t Blanka ball you unless he feels like getting QCF+P, standing fierece shuts down all of his jump ins, and crouching strong seems pretty much safe to do against him. You can even out-turtle RCing turtle Blankas with Hibiki. Just use your pokes and standing fierce for anti-air to keep him out so he can’t get in and low jump you to death. If Blanka is sitting, your jumping roundhouse will beat most of his anti-airs. Be careful though, I think he can level 3 super after a connected bread and butter.

Cammy is possibly Hibiki’s hardest matchup. She gets owned by Cammy’s standing roundhouse so bad, and she has so many tools to outpoke and get in on her…Anyways, QCF+P will probably be your best poke against her. I think crouching strong does decent against her crouching pokes, but you lose your bread and butter this match due to the fact that she can super after. If she’s rapidly rushing you down with fierce and roundhouse, try to anticipate that and do a counter into super to get them to think about that one for a while. You gotta keep her off your ass any way possible…

Sagat isn’t as hard as Cammy, but he’s Sagat so it’ll still be a pain in the ass. Hibiki dies to low jumps, and if you ask me nobody low jumps better then Sagat. Hibiki does die to crouching fierce. But this is a winnable fight for Hibiki. He low tiger shots? Jump over them and nail him with jumping strong. If you’re close enough, do jumping roundhouse into bread and butter. He high Tiger Shots? QCF+Fierce. Use jumping roundhouse to cross him up a lot, unless he’s very good at Tiger Uppercutting or has expert fierce timing it’s pretty hard to stop. I don’t think Sagat can super you after a completed bread and butter, so go ahead. Use your bread and butter and QCF+P to push him out, deal damage, and wear down his guard. When it breaks, be ready to deadly rave the shit out of him. As for his low jumps? A well timed crouching fierce can get him off of you. I forget if you can counter fierce or not…

That deadly rave combo you listed is her most damaging one. Remember you can buffer it off of close standing roundhouse or 3 crouching shorts.

You use K-Hibiki? Hmm. I think she’s better in the Capcom grooves. But if you like her in it go ahead. I believe her grooves in best to worst go: A,C,P,N,K,S

I like her on because I run cancel to crouching jab a lot. It rushes your opponent down pretty good. Similar to the Shoto run cancel to crouching jab. in the Capcom grooves, you basically have to turtle with her. And eventhough i might turtle sometimes, I don’t like to. An SNK move enables me to rush down.

My Rolento still ownz ur Hibiki.:smiley:
O yea…i still hate ur Guile. That fucker is ANNOYING.:fury:

Fawk, one more thing. Hibiki is my best character vs Rolento, but she doesn’t own him. Anyone got tips?

OCK: or will guile have to put rolento on check? :cool:

It would seem that there are quite a few characters who can punish Hibiki with a level 3 super after her bread and butter combo, whether it’s blocked or not. These are the ones I’ve found…

Blanka (electric ball)
Cammy (spin drive smasher)
Chun-Li (kick super - can even hit at level 2)
Bison (psycho crusher)
Balrog (turn punch AND punch dash)
Geese (deadly rave)
Iori (maiden masher)
Kim (dashing super)
Rock (shine knuckle)

Also, Hibiki’s qcb+jp also works as anti-air…but only if the opponent is coming in high. It takes a good deal of timing, but it can and does work, even against Blanka/Sagat. If you do it late enough, it’ll count as a ground hit, and you can combo her qcf+fp off it. If the opponent isn’t coming in high, you can try it as a roll cancel if you’re brave enough.

If you can get this down, this is a great strategy to use against K-Groovers. Not only does it throw their timing off, but even if they do JD it, you’re getting the hell out of Dodge anyway.

Hmm…Rolento is a very difficult fight for Hibiki. He can run away from her slow ass all day. But, he can’t run away unless he’s winning. Your best bet is to try to keep him outside of you as you don’t want him pulling the trap. Sometimes you can get a lucky standing fierce to get out of the trap, but I don’t know how much to rely on it. You have to try to keep Rolento grounded so he can’t get into his 50 different jumps, or at worsr start throwing stingers out. Your best bet against stingers is probably just to roll/JD/whatever through them. Hibiki doesn’t have one move that will shut it down. To win this fight, you have to keep Rolento outside of you, or at best get in him and start trying to rush the shit out of him. There’s not much Rolento can do, especially if he’s in the corner. Jumping roundhouse should be able to go over his anti-airs (It’s been so long since I’ve had to do this match I’m a little shaky) That’s all I can remember for now. If I remember any more I’ll add to it later.

Rolling with Hibiki isn’t a good idea; her roll is too long to be used safely. If Hibiki rolls to get past Stingers, can’t Rolento recover from his jump in time to hit her with his low attacks? Can’t Hibiki just jab the knife instead?

crouching fierce everything

Hey whats up KennyWood??! Its me ,the P-GROOVE guy form South gate and H.P.

The best thing that HIBIKI can do agianst top tiers is to “wait and bait”.Thats the best way to play with her, you say you keep on gettong stuffed after her qcf+p, stop doing it.If youre gonna pull that combo only do it when it connects and if it is blocked just do the 4c.lk,c.lp and that way you have all of the “zoning” adavantage.

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hey kennywood, u’ve seen my K-Hibiki in action. if you ever wanna get together at family and exchange some strats, i’m down. peace.

Hibiki owns Blanka, against Cammy and Sagat you have to zone them, use c.fp alot, mp stuffs Sagats c.fp. If you do her overhead always go for big damage.

sup guys. Nice thread and replies :slight_smile:

I’m having trouble against bison(psycho crusher guy) and vega(claw). I rarely play any vega/bison players here in my town. What should I watch out for and what should I abuse against them? Also… what’s guaranteed after I block most of their moves… I can’t name some off the top of my head. I know of blocking bison’s psycho crusher than… I can get a crouching fierce right?

well anyhoo, I need help wondering if you can help me out.


sirhenk & muziKal: dope shit. I’ll let you guys know when i’ll be at FFA or HP, so we can get some games in.

Bison is the toughest matchup along with cammy, against hibiki. Against him, you pretty much you lose your bread and butter combo. he can knee press or psycho crush and can super after the bread & butter. you basically gotta bait him and poke him. I also try to cross him up since he doesn’t have really good anti air’s to avoid crossups. I’ve noticed that when i qcf + p, and miss, he gets the c. roundhouse in very easily so I don’t even attempt it.

I have trouble against Vega because he’s really fast. Vega jumps in a lot. Standing fierce or crouching fierce are what i whore when he’s jumping so much. his rolling ball attack is easy to hit with crouching fierce. Vega’s pokes seem more effective than hibiki’s, they have better reach. When vega’s poking me, and keeping his distance, i use a quick qcf + jab. it’s fast enough to hit the pokes and even if it exchanges, it takes him out of your zone.