Hidden Blanka Changes?



Was poking around on japanese bbs and I found this post


google translate is telling me these are unannounced Blanka changes that are currently in the game, but I don’t have any Japanese skills.

So if someone could find a translator that would be nice.

I’m thinking horizontal ball has more grounded frames on startup possibly.


That was translated badly from google. Something about rolling attack, river run, and forward hop. ?


i posted it up on my local facebook page…we might get lucky


[LEFT]Rolling attack[/LEFT]
[LEFT]AE 6f in the air from 6f[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2012 6f in the air from 6[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Far stand hk[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Recovery on the block
AE -8f
2012 -10f
Amazon river run
AE 19f
2012 16f
H rolling attack
Cheap damage
AE 35
2012 32[/LEFT]


My friend is Japanese, im asking him to clarify on his rolling attack execution translation. I dont get it.

I just checked the hk change, its in my frame data, so thats true. The amazon river run change is also true, but its a change from super, and the active frames were reduced by 3, and the recovery frames were also reduced from 14 to 11. Writer of the original post doesnt make mention of that.


I noticed about the recovery on AE frame data, but HK -8 to -10 ? Where did you see the -8 ? Also about the HP, i remember i seen -7/-2 on SFIV/Super and now it’s -6/-1, hidden change too or i’m wrong?


The -8 was actually a typo. I remember testing if it was actually -10 and seem to remember concluding that it was.


Btw, i wonder if there are any hidden change about hitbox of normals.


I still think cr.hp got a hitbox buff in AE in the later frames.


I was testing on both versions (Super & AE 2012) and it seems Blanka’s hitbox is not the same, on Super i feel Blanka’s hitbox is more forward extended when he is standing/crouching, move forward on any character on both versions and you will notice you can slightly “cross” more the opponent on Ae 2012, so real hitbox’s hidden change here? On Balrog : Cr.mk, stand lp xx elec hp doesn’t work on him on Super and it works on AE 2012.


In my opinion, ultimately the whining on this japanese blanka page…is just that…whining. He is complaining about thinks that were never true (hk was likely always -10, and frankly, -8 vs -10, who gives a fuk?), or dont really matter.

Second, the change to slide, which this guy appears to again be whining about, is actually a buff, because of the reduction in recovery frames of the slide.

The only real important change is that ball appears to be grounded until the 8th frame or so. But frankly, other than against zangief, 720s, it doesnt really matter. Low attacks have always been good against ball, so the issue here seems to be moot.

The only really nerf that matters to blanka, since super, is the hop nerf. In super, hop was airborne after the first frame, now its around 4 or 5. Thats a huge difference, and really noticable, because its much easier for people to throw blanka out of the hop.

This is a drunk post…however, even if sober, I fully stand behind it.

Ves: Im pretty sure the crouch HP buff you are identifying actually occurred from SF4 to super. Since super, im pretty sure the crouch hp has been the same…in sf4 it was kinda ass.


Yeah, i remember the cr.HP has got a hitbox’s buff on Super, it was mentioned on changes. But i’m the only who notice something has changed on Blanka’s hitbox?