Hidden DOA 4 Halo character revealed


Yeah, it’s Cortana. Just go to the link above and look at the screens of it. Also, read the subtexts on the side and in the screen shots of the magazine. It does say it’s a female Spartan. I know, I know, it looks like Master Cheif except not as… tall… kinda. Oh well, enjoy. Thanx.

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Watch all the Halo fans buy the game now. :confused:

Anybody who plays Halo 2 knows why the Spartan character will be top tier.

Plasma Pistol and Battle Rifle assist will own everything.


Man, you guys need to lighten up your tight asses. It’s not like you’re going to buy the game anyway.

Besides, cameos are there for FUN. If you don’t like it, don’t play the character or don’t play the game.

When I see cameo, I think “Neat!” or “cool” The cameo factor ONLY becomes an issue if said cameo character’s broken. We’ve yet been given sufficient evidence that the Female Spartan will be broken, so until then, speculate all you want, but it’ll be nothing but guesses until the game actually comes out.

As for me, I’m not really a Dead or Alive fan (Soul Calibur series’s way better), but I thought the Female Spartan’s a fun idea. I’d like to see how she’d fit in. Call it what you will.

It’s not Cortana, it’s just a “female” Spratan. Spartan 458 lol WTF.

Those pics are fake. The photoshop job ain’t even that good. If they use a female spartan it would be stupid because you have to had read the novels to know about the female spartans.

You know Itagaki will implement boob psychics into the female Spartan?s suit


You are the reason SC2 sold like it did.:tdown:

Personally I hope it is fake because the Spartan characters without guns just seem like bulky versions of the Fooly Cooly robot to me. At least Cortana would have made sense in the DOA series.

So does this mean I can T-bag people in DOA now? :rofl:

The female spartan thing is supposed to be true actually, just makes DOA even dumber then it already is.


lol. Boob Physics withthe female Spartan would be impossible. Then again, this is Itakagi we are talking about.

As for the poster above who quoted me. Let me just say that I hate Necrid. He was a bad idea to begin with.

Not “Master Chief” my ass. I wanna play as half naked, big-tittied warrior bitches, not hunks of fucking robo-armor!


Hunter D:

except it’s true. That’s straight from a magazine. Think it’s also listed on the website. Spartan 458 is a female Spartan. Unless they’re gonna release a new character that is going to be revealed in this game (which is highly doubtful). W/e, I was gonna buy this game even before I heard of this add on. So far I have my Ult. bundle of the 360, DOA 4, Perfect Dar: LE, Call of Duty 2, NFS: MW, Quake 4, and one more wireless controller all paid off. That was almost $900. I still have to pay off 2 more wirless controllers. Thanx.

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If you read the novels(which are cannon) you will find two things.


Other Spartans are still alive and the best Spartan is a women

End Spoilers

The game may ‘suck’… but the game is still going to sell a lot of copies because, let’s face it, it’s pretty popular–else they wouldn’t be making a DOA4. And if this game isn’t taken seriously to begin with, then why the hell does anyone care if She-Master-Chief is in it or not? Personally, I want to see SMC in action. I don’t care if it’s serious or not… as long as it’s fun.

Corpse humping has now become more sexy.