Hidden face in kens u1?

Ok Guys Im new to SRK but not SF I have been playing since the days of Fighting Street and Played with Pro players before they were pros… Anyways… As i do sometime I youtube my GT and what I found was a Endless where I was fighting WolfKrone and he was using Cam and I KEN… But What I noticed was the fact that @ 0:58 You can see a face making an upside down smile almost to the Extreme and its looks like either Evil Ken/Hostile wtf ever ken or guy… Check it out Im not making this up…


Wow lol you are right.
I never paid attention to this before.
Cool find. ^^

Edit: Wait sec I just checked some other replays with Ken’s U1 full hit but can’t see this hidden face again.
Does it have to be from the left side and in a KO animation?

Holy balls. I thought this was gonna be something stupid when I clicked the thread but it’s actually there, wow.

lol that can’t just be the flame sprites can it? It has to be to on purpose?

This is what I have found so far … It Has to be on the Last hit of the U1 the Very Last one for the kill… and It will show up… I have not tried other char it hard enuff to do it with cam… yeah I was tripping. Not Sure this is on purpose but who knows? I wish this was a clue to a First Evil Ken… That would be Awesome…Ken Wife is Attacked and there is nothing he can do about it and BAM the Dark Hado Takes a Grip oh Man Capcom… that would be awesome!!!

That’s really cool, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a trick of the eye with that particular costume (alternate 1)!

I recreated the entire thing in game by measuring cammy’s health so that she KO’d on the last hit of Ken’s ultra after a focus attack in the left corner on the same stage with the same costumes and this was the result:



The mouth is the sleeve of Ken’s alternative 1 costume and the rest is caused by weird lighting and positional coincidences.

If you want to recreate the experiment then you can do the following combos in order to get Cammy’s health to the right level:

j.hp > st.hp xx mp.shoryuken
j.hp > st.hp xx lp.shoryuken
lvl2.focus > full power Ultra 1.

^^^^ Uh No the Mouth is made by Cam’s left boot but the eye and nose are out of nowhere.!

Also Notice your pic and the Video … You Finish is off kiddo

Upon Further review you are right sowhat if not all togeather right bit still that does not anwser the question did they do it on purpose…

Idk whats more mysterious this or abels eyes turning black during U1

That isn’t really that mysterious, it’s hinting at how Abel was a “defective” Seth model. His eyes match Seth’s during the move.