Hidden kick ain't so hidden anymore!

Psylocke’s Hidden Kick

How is it done?
It seems that all you have to do is press two non-assist buttons in rapid succession and then immediately press back+hk.

Ways to do this

~= drum/piano the buttons

  1. Lp~Hp, back+Hk

  2. Hp~Lp, back+Hk

  3. Lp~Lk, back+Hk

  4. Lk~Lp, back+Hk

  5. Lk~Hp, back+Hk

  6. Hp~Lk, back+Hk

I made this a seperate thread because I wanted people to find uses for this crazy kick. Feel free to post any combos or other uses/strategies as you discover them. With that said, I guess I’ll get the ball rollin’!

Lp, Hp~Lp, back+Hk

Lk~Lp, back+Hk

Lk, Hp~Lp, back+Hk

Hp~Lp, back+Hk

nice stuff
Pretty sure i’ve seen it used in a combo vid.

messed about in training mode briefly last night - set dummy to all block

d+hk~lp,b+Hk sweep into near instant overhead.
I see potential

gonna mess about with this more.

That does sound interesting. Haven’t had much time to mess with anything, been wotking a lot lately. One assist combo I do have is:

lk+Ruby Heart chain throw assist, hp~lp, back+hk, chain hits enemy, proceed into devastating combo of choice.

Oh shit, gotta mess around with this one!:lovin:

So does the move have to be blocked high? I have’nt used it too much against opponents on the ground so I never really get the chance.

Also, I have some decent assist combo’s and character specfic combo’s and resets and what-not that I’ll post up tomarrow.

I don’t know if it has to be blocked high - haven’t tested it vs a human - it might well be that it isn’t an overhead considering the weird properties - not being able to super after or dj again and continue - that’s real downside.

Anyone who tests it vs a human post up pls.

It may be useful if you know someone is gonna block low - if they take the hit doing sweep ~lp buffer into qcf+Lp might work.

Ok, I was thinking something competly different. But the hidden kick can be blocked low and/or high. Reason being because the move is’nt an actual airel or overhead move.

But as long as you do the “drumroll” for the kick, you can cancel the sweep REALLY late. Same goes for most of her normals as well. As for buffering the psi-blast from the sweep~lp, you can OTG the oppoenent rather late so there really is no need to risk throwing out one if you’re opponent is going to do a roll.

so it ain’t an overhead …that sucks.

You don’t even have to really drum anything. lp, b+hk works fine. It still needs to be done a little fast, but this can actually be done a lot slower in comparison.

Some funny stuff:

Dash, s.lp + Typhoon/Drones, b+hk

What’s weird about this, is that depending on your timing you’ll either end up crossing them up or you’ll continue with a block string.

c.lk, c.lk, c.lp+Typhoon, b+hk

Typhoon will give you a free combo if the c.lk connects, if not, I’m not actually too sure how safe it is.

If you are using Typhoon, chances are the kick will be unsafe. It has a lot of recovery and is only really safe with drones. AFAIK

is there a video with this?

i dont wanna wait till i get home to try it D: