Hidden Kick?

how do you do her hidden kick manually? i’ve done it in a magic series combo on ground but cant get it to come out alone. this is her up+hk move, but on the ground version. she does like a jump up+hk in a diagonal up motion.

you can’t do it on the ground, you just hold up so you jump, and do press hk the sec. you leave the ground, and it will hit low enough to be an actual over-head.

whiff LP then immediately away+HK

Does anyone know who are some of the better Psylocke players? I want to see how she is used in high level matches. Also, did there used to be a thread about Psylocke’s moves, properties, and such? If so, I’d like to request that it be reposted if someone it they have access to it (completely new to playing this game even semi-seriously).:confused:

when you click on the psylocke thread and you only see a like one or 2 threads, go to bottom to where it says Display options, then look at the scroll that says “Last Month” and change it to beginning. Then click Show Threads. It’ll show you every thread for Psylocke ever made on the site.

Oh yeah, I know what you are talking about and sometimes you actually just go trough the guy right??

Yeah I am trying to figure out how to do that too. It’s always after some sort of ground chain then all of a suddent its just comes oiut.

I’ll look more into it.

Oh That? thats back+hk, then hold forward to go through the person.

no its not that.

During a gorund chain, she will automatically do the JNumping U+HK but her sprite overlaps them then goes through them.

I actually got a clip fo this. I’ll upload this soon.

oahu BITCH!!! repn the island from FL!!!

She can go through characters with her command flip kick (or hidden kick or whatever people wanna call it) if she’s in the middle of a dash. It seems to randomly go through characters at other random times, but you can intentionally go through sprites if you do the move while in the middle of a dash.

This move is actually not half bad, since it knocks down on hit, and can be used to help cross up after a ground roundhouse throw.

A consistant way I do the kick is double tap PP and immediately press back+HK. You should be doing a fierce into the flip kick. Too bad you cant cancel into a special or super though. Try it out, it works for me every time.

yea you can supermove cancel it on the first hit of the kick. even so, i don’t think i would ever use this. i only use her w/ msp. i prefer her u/f hk to me it’s safer, atleast you can run away dhc. and if you do get the combo it’s a hell of alot more damaging.

lemme spam a scrub combo.

u/f hk, jc, (mag) + lp lp hk, launch, yadda yadda yadda, dhc.

question… could this be a corner inf setup?