Hideo Kojima (and related)

He was thugging back in the day…
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Maybe I’m just late on this.

Look like Daigo.

^ Beat me to it.

This pretty much solidifies what I’ve always known for as long as I’ve known Hideo Kojima. Nigga’s a bonafide fuckin’ G.

In this case, G is synonymous with any noun or adjective that is synonymous with Greatness.

…Well then, now we will know what Daigo will look like in about 15 years

^that’s true! :stuck_out_tongue:

indeed, othet developers pale in comparison. they look completely bitchmade compared to kojima. ive got new found respect for this man, like he needed any more.

You know what, scratch the original thought about how Kojima looks like Daigo.

In the spirit of Metal Gear, Daigo IS a clone of Kojima, which is why they look so similar.
Not only to create games, but because he also wanted to be able to experience and play them “himself”, thus we have his clone.

The bottom pic reminded me of young Ocelot.

art imitating life man.

“The Violence Group”

^I just picture extreme beatings with breaks for long winded monologues.

Didn’t know my fav game designer was so G, even his pops was a bad ass!! Now Kojima get me some ZOE 3 please.

Hideo Kojima is, always has been, and always will be a talentless hack. Yeah, they make money sometimes.

Dr. B IS money. <-- Fuck off, I’m lazy.