Hiding/Filling Button Holes and Creating New Ones?


Basically I’m in the process of modding my Brawlstick and was wondering about button holes…

I’ve decided to have 6 buttons on the top and was wondering if simply putting laminated artwork over the two empty holes would be enough to disguise them and be strong enough to keep from dipping in and becoming visible over time? I know there are those snap in button hole covers, but from what I can imagine they would show through the art even more, as they’re not flush with the plate.
Any ideas for a solid solution to this problem?

Also I’m considering putting two buttons on the right side of the case, does anyone have experience of doing this with my type of stick? Maybe some tips as to what tools to use for a clean job etc? There should be enough space inside as removing the ‘4’ and ‘8’ button from the top of the stick leaves a tidy gap for them to go in from the side.

Any advice on either of these queries would be awesome.


  1. You’d have to fill it in from the inside if you want the existing hole to disappear from the panel entirely; you’d need to either put in some layered plastic sheeting with some REALLY strong glue, or maybe even weld in some more metal if you need the additional strength. Either solution will definitely be stronger that simply covering the holes with the laminated artwork overlay, which would be weak regardless. You won’t be able to put the hole plugs under the art, they are meant to go over the art.

  2. Even without removing the 4th and 8th button, you should have room for side buttons. So if you’re going to remove the rightmost 2 buttons anyways, you’ll have more than enough clearance. Just have a look at any Brawlstick internals picture, and you’ll see what I mean.


Yeah these are the things that crossed my mind… I was just hoping for an easier solution lol, no such luck.
Thanks for the reply man.


there are also colored ones from quanba… http://www.focusattack.com/categories/Clearance/


Home depot and Lowes would carry metal foil tape that may help out. It should keep it from dipping in over time, but if you ever hit that spot it would probably still dip in unless your artwork is pretty thick.


I think I would try something like putting metal tape on the bottom side and filling the hole with epoxy. Permatex (and probably others) make metal epoxy —>



@iNENDOi that’s a legitimate idea man, could maybe even superglue a small sheet of plastic or metal underneath the holes then fill them in and sand down until its flush…