High Damage Venom Combos?

A would like a high damage combo that doesn’t involve some absurdly situational pool ball set-up or the super ball. Venom has to have at least one high damage combo, if you can’t come up with a reasonable one give me an absurd set-up or cool super ball one.

I can do these but they do shit damage.

IOH 2369S - 1K - 1S - 16HS FRC - dash in 2K - S - HS - 623HS

IAD j.1K - j.1P - j.1S - land - 1S - 16HS FRC - dash in 2K - S - HS - 623HS

This does an OK amount of dmg but its ghey.
6P - S (2 hits) - HS - 623HS

Found one that requires a very short set up.

214K (ball) - jump K ( pretty quick ) - air dash - j.S - j.HS - S (2 hits ) - HS - 623HS

Pretty misleading because you seem vulnerable during the floating K state so they may drop guard and get smoked by the entire 154(?) dmg combo because of the ball. Pretty nice actually.


Venom’s Semi-Infinite

(in the corner)
4S (2 hits) - 4HS - 46HS FRC - dash in (hella fast) - repeat…

Ha-ha… Nice oxymoron. “Venom’s High Damage Combos”.

venom can’t do a lot of damage in combos.only his special moves are damaging…
use the balls efficiently is the best option imo…

Haha. agrees with Kugler His best combo is just the s© 2 hits,h,stinger frc,d.s 2hits,h,623h combo.

Too true, lol. :lol:

Venom is all about “passive” damage. When he wins, you sort of wonder how the hell he won. Like “what just happened?” type stuff, lol.

Venom can’t do damage for shit…he isn’t made for damage, he’s made to be tr-tr-tr-trickaaay!

to get damage with venom, you jack up their guard guage with true lockdown, and then try to mix them, and go into some loops.

You don’t have to let the S© hit twice either :slight_smile:

it can just be d.[4]S©-H -> 6H(SA) -> FRC, repeat.

In reload, you can do things like 2369S[1], LAND, 4S© -> 7S(CR), 4H -> 6H(SA) -> FRC, d.2K-S© -> 421H… which certainly adds to the damage venom can deal.

work on crossups and mixups… mixup is what venom does best… very few other characters have as good a mixup as him… always keep a ball on the screen… i see players set a ball and then go and rushdown so if they get in trouble they can teleport back to that ball and kick it or whatever… if you can keep away a little bit and set balls like crazy and hit them, theyre a bitch to get around… also like the one combo that does decent damage is… gatling chain into shoot pool ball (frc), 6HS, patriot circle (or whatever its called) (623HS)… that does a decent amount of damage… go to www.a-cho.com right now, scroll to the bottom and watch the vids of that venom player… he has a sick mixup… x-copy some of that shit…

You don’t have to worry about high damage, if you actually manage to beat someone with your Venom then they will already be hurting.


That’s awesome. The move might as well be called that.

You’re thinking of Rolento, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Venom’s is called “Double Head Morbid”, but don’t ask me why. :smiley:


well, you can always put off the mixups until you’ve gone and jacked them up a bit…

like after knockdown sweep in the corner…

cancel into Pball, Pshot, Pball, d.Pshot-> Pball, 2Sshot(delayed) -> DC (K), [2]8S (CR), d.2K-S©(2hits)~[1] -> 7S (CR), [4]H -> [3]S (SA) -> FRC, 8S (CR), dashing j.Kshot…

and then either airdash j.S-H, or land into 1K-1S-4H, or madstruggle, or land and throw, or tick throw, or airdash j.S-H -> madstruggle, or land into S© -> IMS… etc.

Actually, a well placed combination of 2 balls and a j.hs can be more than enough damage to scare the fuck out of people. If it’s 3 balls(not nearly as easy to do), they’re gonna cry.
Combine this with a high guard gauge and you have an opponent thinking twice about playing your Venom.
S ball > HS ball on top of them, teleport, j.hs > c.s > s.hs > DHM = TOO GOOD.

Yeah, most of his damage either comes from his supers or multiple ball formations hitting at once and/or FRC corner strings.

It’s worth it to combo the Devious Curve (421+attack) or the HS-Mad Struggle (air 236HS) for the knockdown, to set more ball formations. Or just combo 2D and cancel into ball formations.

His ball cross-up is rather evil, too. Very hard to block.