High desert showdown round 2! Hesperia ca 04/17

alright folks after having a good turnout at our last tourny here we go again with round 2!!!
this time we will be running sf4 2v2 so find a partner.

2v2 will be run SBO style (player a1 vs player b1, then player a2 vs player b2)

tournament will be run on 2-4 LG 37" tv’s on xbox (depending on how many entrants we have)

tourny will be BYOC (bring your own controller) but we will have people willing to loan out their TE sticks
entry fee will be 16$ to enter per team (3$ will go to venue, and 10 in the pot) and will be capped at 16 teams. signups will begin at 1pm, and the tourny itself will begin at 3:30

hosted at Get In Tha Game in Hesperia. (getinthagame.com)

Get in tha Game - "Simply Sports"
15055 Bear Valley Rd Suite C
Hesperia, CA 92345
Phone: (760) 949-9870

please post up if youre going to, or thinking of showing so we can get an idea of whose gonna show up.


I have come to the decision that I will be attending this event, AGAIN. Good day.

Man, such a late start time again… I’ll show if I can, but I’m pretty sure I’ll have work again. If it started a little earlier maybe… :wink:

Captain Kick Ass reporting for duty!!!

So how much is the entry exactly?

You got a month before this… i’m sure you can call off or switch with someone for a morning shift…

I, MUNCH MUNCH, will be showing up that day… perhaps Team THUNDERSTRUCK will finally debut

entrance is 16$ per team or u can call it 8$ a person
and ps… u better come to this one fool

and pps. im working on adding ST but idk how people feel playing hdr classic mode so feel free to give some feedback

Count me in suckas. I’m coming for you brentt. Revenge for the JG tourny incoming!

LOL I’m glad to hear it. If i lose then at least I can say I lost to the guy who wrecked Fuson. lol


could we do the 5on5 3 teams this time??? if so you will have a good turn out cause im bringing in people

@dj vest we can but MAKE SURE all the parties involved agree to it and have their teams ready

Greetings High Desert,

If you guys want to get some games with some fellow IE players in the future, hit us up!

Our Specialists event is featuring the top players of all SoCal regions and we’re always looking for some talent!

Contact Cicada or Moval for future gatherings.

though its early, feel free to post up you teams so we can get a list going

Team Miguel’s A Fagit
1.) Bren2xT
2.) Euro Honda

Team Hijueputa

  1. Dolfan305
  2. LeoNica14

see you in the finals

have your 5 ready…dolfan

almost here D: