High desert showdown round 2! Hesperia ca 04/17

Gonna be siiiiiiiiiick.

Let’s do thiiiiiiiiiiiis.

Who you gonna team with? I know BouncingSoul is looking for a teammate.

Everyone better hurry up and find a teammate. You don’t want to be the girl that goes to prom alone.

LOL Did you copy and paste that from the original HDS thread?

It made people start posting that they were coming so might as well try it again.

I see. Not a bad idea.

If Clutch wants to go I’m teaming with him, if not, I’ll team with whoever.

Ok, so pre-reg:

Team Mixups Baaaaaaaybeee


Need me to bring my 360?

BouncingSoul x 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

gunna show up even if i dont even play in it, so i can support this event.

good shit soul itll be a pleasure to have you here regardless but you can find a partner no problem (if not ill get u one lol)
theres a lot of people coming but theyre not posing their teams i guess so im just gonna take off the list since people dont wanna
reveal their teams or dont have a name (like me) so see you all here!

Hit me up earlier next time!

Take your brother and you can use alternate ryu lol

he wont be able to make it

Team Gotei XIII here to take ya mutha fucking virginity
The Judge (aka Fatfarm, aka Shunsui, aka That one nigga that plays KOF, aka Taint Squasher)
Lord Genross (aka Lonewolf, aka Byakuya, aka Sit and Sleep will beat anyone’s advertised price, and yo ass is FREEEEE!)

If there is a GOD, he will protect all the teams from ^^^^ them!!!

Lord Genross will be attending? MOTHER OF GOD

Yes I shall attend. I made some flyers for HDS2 and took em yesterday to Don’s arcade. That should bring in even more people.

Definettly good stuff on your part Felix. We should be getting a great turnout.

Dam dude, earning your stripes.

<—needs a partner

partner backed out