HIGH DESERT SHOWDOWN! sat march 6th Hesperia, CA

alright time for the HD to host its 1st official tournament!

sf4 singles & 2v2 (assuming time isnt a factor)

sf4 will be best 2 out of 3 matches/double elim.

2v2 will be run SBO style (player a1 vs player b1, then player a2 vs player b2)

tournament will be run on 4 LG 37" tv’s with 2 xbox and 2 ps3 setups

top 8 in each game will be recorded

tourny will be BYOC (bring your own controller) but we will have people willing to loan out their TE sticks
entry fee will be 5$ to enter and 3$ venue fee (8 all together) and will be capped at 32 entrants. and 2v2 will be 6$ (3$ per player) (no venue fee for spectators) signups will begin at 12pm noon, and the tourny itself will begin at 2:30

hosted at Get In Tha Game in Hesperia. (getinthagame.com)

Get in tha Game - "Simply Sports"
15055 Bear Valley Rd Suite C
Hesperia, CA 92345
Phone: (760) 949-9870

please post up if youre going to, or thinking of showing so we can get an idea of whose gonna show up.

feel free to ask any questions by either posting in here, or sending me a pm

Im there.

I have come to the decision that I will be attending this event. Good day.

not gonna miss it.

god damn! this makes me sad! i’m from victorville but currently out of the country for a few more months…but this makes me super excited. hopefully there’s still tournaments running when i get back.

oh ya brent! victorville represent!!! silverado high by any chance?

Will be there for sure. Someone carpool with me.

Hey Chef if you drive I will actually give you gas money and prolly buy you lunch since I know about the high desert. LET ME KNOW!

Don’t worry man, this is just the first of a series of tournaments we plan to get running. And I went to Victor Valley High School lol, although I did go to Cobalt Jr. High for a year which is across the street from Silverado…

Count me in for sure no way in hell am I missing out in our 1st tourney!
I’ll try and get some people to join in aswell.

no way! a tournament?! in the high desert?! i’ll definitely be there!

Don’t have a job right now so I don’t have car insurance. If I can get it payed by then I’m totally down.

You know the High Desert?

Fo shoooo Im hitting this shit up fosho son…

yo Chef or LuLu let me know whats good.

i kinda wanna see the scene out there so please if any one of you can drive ill gladly pay for gas/food.

Same thing I said to Lulu.

If I get my car insurance paid I’ll drive. I’ll let you know by the end of the week.

updated OP with start times

LOL I get into too much trouble hen I’m wasted. I have a party to DJ this day! Good luck y’all!!!

More like you need to figure out how to stop going on SRK when you’re wasted.

Still holding those casuals Lulu? HAH.

LOL. When I’m sober all I can think about is how messy people are at casuals and how much I hate cleaning up after people. Anyway I don’t want to derail anymore threads. Good luck y’all!

Captain Kick Ass reporting for duty.