HIGH DESERT SHOWDOWN! sat march 6th Hesperia, CA

Roger that.

the 1st ammendment: the right to beat your ass

I know you said your short on cash Jaron, but haven’t you made any profit on the Pro Tips set? I know it’s selling out everywhere quick.

Pro Tips is a hit. I just had to spend most of the profits for the Movie with Spike Lee directing. It’s about how I lead a local scrub in Idaho to victory in his community. He learns how to play stick, picks up Ryu and later wins SBO with a double perfect. We’re doing casting, with a lot of guest appearances by names like: Daigo Umehara, Justin Wong, Alex Valle, Larry, and Dakou.
You thought Karate Kid was the shit, wait till this hits theaters.


When the FUK can I pre-order tickets?

hopefully SNC guys saw this Thread. whos ever down after the tournament can show up to my house for some BEVERAGES.

1 week away!!

Lol I need a ride to thisss

What’s the count so far?

if clutch is willing to carpool me, im down to go

@clutch will pay for gas!!

  • you got me dawg!

@Sexbladez I guess we’re going then! Hit me up on AIM.

Yo e_med are the big screens laggy at all?

no lag at all
and the place is in an awesome location, badass food joints all really close
you guys should bring more snc people too!!!

Ahh yes! This tourney is gonna be crackin’ yo! Maybe a 2v2 side tourney? :wink:

if we end quick enough or if people are willing to do it sure!
but im not sure since next month were having a 3v3

Take HDR off and make a 2v2!!!

i will if leo wont kill me

edit: ok its official 2v2 it is!

Woop woop! Lets do it bladez…

Team X2Clutch

  1. XBlades (Fei Long)
    2.Clutch (C.Viper)

hey guys, was just thinking that if all the non high desert players were to go up there, there going to face allot of traffic bcuz of the people wanting to go to vegas… and i got off work from my bro about 2 pm is it possible to start a little bit later like maybe an hour later 3:30…?? and im coming from moreno valley off of work…sooo i mean going up the 215 is all good but once i merge to the i-15 its going to be hell…