High Dragon Kick

Just wanted to know how you guys do a hurricane kick, such that Akuma flies very high across the screen.

I just jump then execute it, but I cannot go high enough.

Any tips how to do this.

Execute the d/b motion as quickly as possible after the u/f press.
Good luck

You want the coward copter, eh?

Try to do the Tatsu as soon as his feet leave the floor from the jump for best results.

If you’re jumping forward it’s mad easy:

:uf: :r: :df: :d: :db: :l: + :hk:

lol "Dragon kick"
lol “Coward copter”

For maximum effect, be sure to yell “I’m a pretty helicopter!” when you do it.

That’s good idea. When I do Akuma’s swag surf I sing “I’m swaggin! I’m surfin”. True story.