High execution characters?


Hi guys, after testing many characters, i think Akuma/Gouken/Eryu/Oni are the ones i want to stick. But because of being a newbie, i dont know their strength/weaknesses as well as who require a lot of execution skill. I’m playing with a gamepad so i cant do plinking well. Can anybody give me advices, please? Thank you.


I would rank them like this as far as execution required :
Evil Ryu > Akuma > Oni > Gouken from hardest to easiest.


Dont let the execution stop you though, They are all pretty basic execution wise. Id say stick with akuma or e ryu, whoever you like more. Execution is nothing but muscle memory


I think e.ryu would be better since you are new and his fundamentals are more of his core than akuma. Also if you are not confident in game that you will hit that 1 frame link you can just pause and watch your opponent go flying haha.

Just try to focus on the neutral game with him way more than “when can i hit this fancy combo” Hes the kind of character where in training mode all you wanna do is practice combos, try to keep that held back a bit and focus on setups and learning the importance/where to use fireballs and normals. Once you get that going you will start to see where you are getting damage and understand how you could go further and increase that punishment.


Thank you, i also think that combo’s not all. First, i will practice few basic comboes that not require so much link or FADC. Then i will learn how to zone/poke/footsies as well as setups. Is that a good way to improve in this game?


I don’t think that E.Ryu has that high of an execution requirement especially with plinking in the game.


How about Oni and Akuma? Bypass their tier position, what are thier pros and cons? Can anyone give me a comparison?
I see that Oni is not popular as Akuma,right? (And why?).


I’m going to mention Sakura.

You need to make the most of your damage opportunities on her. You can’t drop stuff like srk fadc cs.hp or her loops.

She’s not jump canceling anything or whatever but you need to be consistent. She’s kind of like E.Ryu I guess.


Gouken is the easiest out of that bunch, use him.


I see that characters who have good appearance usually have high difficulty too. I also like Yun but his normal links make me throw my controller away.


Yun has easy links…


Yun’s links are easier than the ones you mentioned. You need to get your timing right.


welcome to SRK

pick a character for me threads are better posted in the newbie dojo



I heard that Gouken is a character that rely on setups and his comboes aren’t long (for example, stHP cancel into Specials), most of the time i see he focuses on zoning rather than rushdown. Is that his playstyle different from Akuma/Eryu?

One more thing, i watched some of Daigo’s matches during the period that he’d just switch to Eryu. At that time he played Eryu in the way he played Ryu (footsies, Hadokens, low poke Hado/Srk,…). Can i train Eryu in the same way with the current changes?


Evil Ryu is basically Ryu with higher damage combos, a shitty teleport and a worse low forward. You can basically play him the same as Ryu.


I tried E.ryu last night and i realized his normals links are not difficult like i thought, except for Axe Kick link to crLP/crMP/crLK.
Is there any way to ease this link? Such as hearing the sounds/voices or his animation?


It’s not a tight link. Just use c.jab in matches, while you practice using c.mp in training mode. When you feel confident with c.mp, start to use it against other people.

It will all come together with practice.


You can get the jab link somewhat consistently after a few days imo


go with akuma. learn the ways of the demon and mix ups. and just body people. no matter what people say about akuma, a 500 damage 0 frame punish is nothing to sneeze at, and you won’t have to worry about losing because you dropped a combo play evil because he can have up to 5 (some times more) one frame links in a combo. But at the end of the day it’s about who you think is the cooler character. Just don’t play akuma like he has 1000 health or evil ryu like he was sakura, cuz you’ll get bodied.


you dont need plinking for combos
learn the timing and repeat those as often as you can in training mode