High fantasy FG?


Hmm, just had a thought. Over the years I’ve seen many themes for FGs.

I’ve seen loli girl FGs, waitress FGs, mecha FGs, claymation FG, a dinosaur FG, a Shaq FG… :stuck_out_tongue:

But I cant really think of any High Fantasy themed FGs. You know, Paladins and Elves and Dwarves and Wizards etc. LOTR and D&D etc.

Closest might be Dungeon Fighter Online, but its not quite a FG and not quite high fantasy either. Or Capcom’s D&D beatemups, but they’re not FGs.

Anyone care to enlighten me? Or is there truly a gap in the spectrum of FG themes? :slight_smile:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saILFc9NkLQ Chaos Breaker is the closest you’re gonna get I think :smiley:


golden axe: the duel, dragoon might, asura blade/asura buster, blandia probably fit this to varying degrees

none of them are that great though.


Mace: The Dark Age has a lot of this flavor, kinda veering off in a more dark/Diablo-ish direction… I mean, whatever you want to say about the game, it does have a dwarf in a steampunk mech as a playable character.


Chaos Brea-

god damn it


Battle Fantasia is kinda fantasy, in that anime cutesy way.

But yeah, the correct answer is Chaos Breaker.


Dark Awake: Old Age of Heroes

a.k.a. Chaos Breaker


You could always wait for Soul Calibur to go veering off into that direction.




Hey look, it’s Link.


Warzard/Red Earth?


Even though I’d like a new FG in that setting, I think the only game we’ll see in high fantasy is Chaos Breaker.


yeah except the other ones i already named


As much as I would like to see a fantasy fighter I would much rather see a Cyber punk fighter first.


This would be tight!


Would Groove on Fight qualify?


More along the lines of Blade Runner or Ghost in the shell.
Groove on Fight never heard of it before box arts awesome may need to ebay it.


Plasma Sword? Phychic Force 2012?


High fantasy is bullshit, I only like hard sci-fi.


Mace: The Dark Ages was the shit!

Of the popular ones out there I’d pick up Soul Calibur 5 when it comes out